Best gloss paint - that doesn’t go yellow

20 Dec 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi I painted my parents house downstairs skirtings and architrave with

And it gave nice shiny finish but stayed white for a matter of months! I believe this is an oil based one.

Disappointed - I changed to

When I painted painted upstairs

It didn’t quite have the shine - more of a Matt finish but I didn’t care as it stayed white!!

Now I am about to paint my own house but wanted to get some advice please on which gloss paint is best for skirting archtrave etc. Then previous owner has a decent white look yet shiny feel - I wonder how she got it / what paint she used needs a touch up.

There’s also something called gloss satinwood?

Not sure what the results of this one are like....
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Oh cool I’ve not heard of that brand....happy to try.

For my own curiosity though does anybody know the differences between delux brands above?

Their website doesn’t do a good job of explaining it!! Personal experiences always best to hear from....
any first hand experiences lads :D

i know its xmas but i'll still be painting ha! want to buy best product...
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I use Leyland Trade Satinwood which is an oil-based paint. I've used it for about 5 years and it's stayed white.

It's available at Toolstation (I think!) for a good price.

I'm only a DIY'er, but from personal experience the best paints for me were Dulux Trade, Leyland Trade and Farrow and Ball (for finish, pain to work with!)
Depends where you need it. I love working with water-based paint and for most applications that's the most appropriate, but the oil-based stuff was being used in the hallway with a high traffic of people -- it's thicker and more durable and the Leyland one hasn't yellowed.

Don't know their cleaning routine, but sugar soap is an excellent thing to apply once or twice a year. When we rented I used it to get the nicotine stains out of architrave.
Oil based paints go yellow because of the absence of UV light. Even in a room with lots of natural sunlight the skirting behind a side board is likely to have yellowed. Move the side board to another part of the room and the yellowed skirting will (in time) become white again.

Waterbased paints are not affected in the same way but they are far less durable than oil based paints and it is difficult to apply them to an equal standard.

In 2010, paint manufacturers had to reduce the level of VOCs in paints. To comply with the regulations they reduced the level of solvents and increased the levels of solids. Many brands of oil based paints yellowed very quickly. Dulux Trade took up to 3 years to satisfactorily reformulate their oil based paints.

95% of the woodwork that I paint is still oil based. If a client has a particularly dark room I recommend applying an off white.

I seldom use gloss inside houses. Here in west London, clients want eggshell. I suspect that the lower sheen finishes are possibly less prone to yellowing.

For the record, (oil based) gloss is very high sheen (about 90%), satinwood is less shiny (50%), eggshell is abut 30%. Waterbased gloss is often less shiny than oil based gloss.

Personally I would not use the retail Dulux paints sold by DIY sheds like B&Q. Dulux Trade paints are vastly superiorwith regards to opacity and density.
Thanks!this is really helpful

What’s difference between delux trade and retail

The room I wanna paint has oil paint currenttly but water based on top of this should mean it stays white and keeps some of the shiny feel,from previous oil coat
The retail paints are thinner and tend to be less durable than the trade variants. Retail paints tend to be cheaper per litre to purchase but can be a false economy if you need to apply three (or four) coats vs two coats of trade.
Interested in this also, I've been using zinsser perma white, but I don't find it very hard wearing, and you have to do atleast 3 coasts even after using there bin primer. Although I like it and like the fact it stays white, it's expensive and I'm reluctant to use it on the stairs and balustrade as my experience tells me it will start peeling and going sticky after a year and then will start getting grubby.

I read that sikkens bl was pretty good but they discontinued it, I haven't heard of them providing an alternative, maybe akzo wants people to use Dulux more.

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