Best Sealant For LVF And Filling 5mm Gap Transition Strip

19 Dec 2017
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United Kingdom
I have now fitted my flooring in the bathroom and want to seal around the edges as there are no skirting boards and you can see the imperfections in the cuts. Before I seal is there any recommended types of sealant for this flooring or will standard white bathroom sealant work well?

I also have a 5mm gap in one corner of the room due to the wall not being straight which I have accepted as it’s where there toilet is going anyway. I was thinking of filling the hole with a similar colour before sealing over it. That way the sealant bead will be consistent all the way around the room and not change for this part of the room. Again any recommendations of what to use to fill this or should I not bother and increase the bead size here.

I’m also looking for a good quality transition strip for the entrance to the bathroom - I am going from carpet to LVF. Is there any recommendations for a decent one that is easy to fit and suitable for my flooring as this Layred I have is thick at 7mm.

The flooring is moduleo layred.

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