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Big gap where wall meets cavity

Discussion in 'Building' started by perky416, 16 Nov 2020.

  1. perky416


    22 Sep 2017
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    United Kingdom
    Evening all.

    I stripped the plaster off the walls on my landing and noticed the wall between the airing cupboard to the landing was only tied into the external by one block towards the base of the wall, and there was a big gap that lead right into the cavity.
    I sprayed some expanding foam down there and mortared the gap but the mortar cracked and became loose, im guessing because the gap is so big.

    How would you guys rectify this? As the mortar failed i was going to dig it all out and fill the gap with plasterboard adhesive.

    Would it also be worth strapping the airing cupboard wall to the exterior wall with L brackets?

    Picture of the gap attached.


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  3. why? and how are you intending finishing it? replastering it or drylining?

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