Black Friday. Are you falling for it?

I bought a new hob, oven and dishwasher and saved £500 compared to a couple of weeks ago.
I had been monitoring prices since beginning of September.
Boss is happy with new appliances (old ones were 20+ years old) and my wallet too.
Well that’s about the only time a 'sale' is actually a sale - when you were going to buy something and had your eye on the pre-sale price. Well done. (y)
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The history of Black Friday is quite interesting, has its origins back to a time when it was nothing to do with retail sales.

What frustrates me about these things is the way they start to be used and abused by retailers. Black Friday becomes something like 'Black Friday event!' and instead of being a day extends across a weekend, week or more! No doubt there'll soon be 'Black Friday month.'

Whether it's this 'sale' event or any other, the way I look at buying is as followings. Do I need the item? If yes, is the ticket price acceptable to me? If yes, I buy it. I take little notice of 'was £x, you're saving £y' and all that guff. There was an interesting documentary on x years back about retail pricing, 'sale' events and so on.

Btw I'm not saying there aren't bargains to be had.
There are, but as has been said, you need to have kept your eye on prices for the item you want so that you know if it's a genuine saving.

The usual retail behaviour for any sale, not just BF, is to increase prices in the run up, then drop them, showing an apparent saving which is not a genuine discount.

Mrs Mottie bought me this last Thursday from the Gant store. I ain’t even worn it or taken the label off of it yet! I shouda waited for Black Friday. :cry:

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Mrs Mottie bought me this last Thursday from the Gant store. I ain’t even worn it or taken the label off of it yet! I shouda waited for Black Friday. :cry:

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Sod it, I’ve just ordered it online for £66.50. Mrs Mottie has to go near the store tomorrow to get a present for her niece so she’s taking the one back that she bought and getting her £95 back. For £28.50 it’s worth it in my book!
It’s not that bad - Looks better on me than the male model!
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When switching the tv on yesterday, a news article was just ending so I didn't get the full story. However it was making the point that something like 1 in 11 Black Friday 'sale' event items can be considered a genuine sale item. It'll be related to the way retailers muck about with pricing over the year. A bit like seeing a ticket on a sofa saying 'was £1000 now £500, save 50%!' and if you read the small print it says 'sold for £1000 18th-24th April' and you're looking at the item in October ;)

And as a Fifer I always live by the mantra 'it's only a bargain if you need it!'

It's a good job the majority aren't like me, cause I look on my 5+ year old trainers and 10+ year old winter coat as still being new :)
Haven't taken part since I saw two grown adults fighting over a TV in front of their children in Nottingham in 2015.
I'm surprised Bod hasn't had a moan about Black Friday. ;)

Speaking as a self-confessed troll. ;)
I got a black Friday deal without knowing it.

I got my work tops for my Kitchen from Worktop express. I knew he was pulling my pants down but he had the tops I wanted. £1500 + £30 delivery 3 x 3m lengths
When it Come to paying he charged me £60 for delivery. "You said £30"

"Oh yes" he said that was for the 1st length. £15 each for each of the other two. This is because I kept him to supplying me with two fixing kits free. That he said was £68 each.

Two weeks later I find the fixing kits are not correct so I go down there.

A beautiful young lady from Warrington was covering for him. She sorts out the fixing kits for me that she said were only £35.

I wanted an additional 3m length of American walnut He quoted me £600 + £30 delivery..

She said 10% discount for Black Friday.
£530 including another fixing kit.
Delivery was free She said as the order was over £500.
£60 he charged me for £1500 worth

I knew he was pulling my pants down but he was shafting me as well.

Once I'm finished and happy I'll leave him bad reviews where ever I can.

The young lady and worktop express I'll try and leave a glowing review.
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