Boiler blowout....

Methinks that would be a hard one to prove, as general unreliability, overall, rather than specific faults seem to be the norm. I'm surprised that I don't see boiler explodes in yet another house, so at least the gas fitters, and those parts of the system seem to work..

2 faulty boilers in 10 years, when I know people have had boilers fitted for years and years...

The 'man' coming on the TV every 5 minutes, get a grant, get money off a boiler, fit insulation in your loft..

My parents were coerced into having a new boiler fitted, and 1st service, they refused to touch it, as it was a built in kitchen..

Next service, the area around it was disassembled, so they could inspect it, a few days later the boiler failed; a radiator was bled, the pressure in the boiler was too low, it flamed out, nobody explained to them of how to top it up, and left the top up pipe attached, which I believe is a no no?

Can someone clarify if you leave the top up pipe attached? I was told if there is a leak, or failure, then it would flood the house? or there was some legal issue?

And having a boiler boxed into a kitchen fascia, would that introduce excess co2 into the area? As there is a co2 detector in the room off from the kitchen, and the detector is dark, as opposed to it's surround, and my parents have been suffering from drowsyness, and headaches? Thinking about it, I've felt queasy when visiting them, is there a positive carbon monoxide test? Rather than a sticker on a wall?
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you want to get that checked asap yes there is a tester most pub cellars have them installed and the affects you are explaining are those of a leak
They had the fire service round to do checks, unsure what those checks involved, mainly fitting smoke detectors, I did raise the issue before they visited, so presumably was checked.

I smelled gas for 2-3 years outside my home, and reported it, but heard nothing back, I've seen detector vehicles, with devices attached to the front of the vehicle doing a sweep, then got a letter from Transco, saying my main wasn't being used, so they are going to dig it up, and block it off!? SO I rang them to explain it is being used, and I'm being billed, when the gas smell got more. So I rang their line, and they sent an engineer with a meter into my house, and still couldn't detect anything.

Then out of the blue, all outside my house is dug up, and they are replacing the pipework, done the work, left a hole for months on end, eventually filled in, gas smell gone, apparently the main breaks, due to cars parking on the pavement, storing a pocket of gas underground, which makes the meter read incorrectly, as it is taking low pressure stored gas, and you are therefore billed incorrectly. But their monitoring equipment couldn't tell me what I knew for years, by my nose?
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its a joke really would push for some compensation.

That's only the tip of the iceberg..when I moved into my house about 15 years ago, I got a quarterly gas bill of like £ I rang them up, no all is fine. Every time I got a bill, I rang them, they said it's normal. The gas man read the meter, same story, £2 a quarter.

Then I got a bill for like £3000, and they said I had the 'wrong type of meter', so I explained all the above, they ignored it, I refused to pay, and they fitted a prepayment meter, that ate £10 per 2 days.

Then BG got involved, saying I wasn't using gas, 1st time.

Then they fitted a normal meter, and BG, said I wasn't using gas again, and they were going to dig the main off again..

After more mis-billing, they then fitted another prepayment meter, but it didn't work, so another was installed, but I still get a bill, and letters saying they are billing me incorrectly...

I'd go to Watchdog, but that patronising Anne Robinson, and her sidekick 'needs to learn how to drive/ride' idiot, make me sick.
simple this. you get what you pay for..

Well the Government paid for a cheap boiler, that worked for a bit. So YOU paid for what they thought acceptable. But now the Government won't repair what they fitted, so as usual, renage on their promises, and the poorest pay, for their mistakes. As per.

If you find two faulty boilers, that are write-offs, within 15 years of ownership, just say so to the industry that are producing them. As I know people that have had boilers for 30+ years, without issue. So is it a case of you get what you pay for, ignorance, or are manufacturers taking the biscuit? or repairers taking the micky?

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