Boiler Condense Pipe after Kitchen Remodel

19 Nov 2021
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United Kingdom
Im undergoing a kitchen remodel where the existing sink in the utility room has been removed for good and the space respurposed for cupboards. This boiler condense pipe used to connect to the sink waste and is now been sealed into a 'cut down' stubby waste pipe sticking out the floor. I have already experienced one boiler shutdown persumably becuase the of curent setup. Can anyone tell me the best way to connect the pipe to single waste pipe. Do I need to recreqte the sink P Trap again, thanks.
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What makes you think the condensate pipework / connection was responsible for the boiler shutting down ?
Boiler is 11 month old and has been fine. Two days after the sink was removed the Boiler cut out. Checked the Load power to the FCU - fine, checked the feed from the FCU to the boiler - dead. I understand my condense pump has a safety cut off to the boiler which I think had been activated. Tried it again later that evening and the boiler switched back on. Since then I have unsealed the condense pipe from the drain and its just lying loose in the waste pipe for now - now other boilser issues.
Nothing relating to condensate evacuation would cause a loss of power from the fused connection unit to the boiler ,or the supply to the FCU.
Where is the condensate pump situated exactly ?
What do you mean by " load power" ?
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Sorry terryplumb I wasnt very clear. The condense pump is situated below the boiler on the adjacent wall. The pump is wired to the same FCU as the boiler and has a perminent live which it cuts if the reservoir fills too high. Sorry "load Power" I menat the supply side to the FCU was fine. You can see the white drain from the boiler into the pump and the outlet in clear piping just at the back whcih goes through the wall just above the pipes.


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The waste pipe that the pumps outlet pipe connects to ,is it the same pipe that previously connected to the sinks waste ? I suspect the reason the boilers switched live from the pump was cut is more to do with an issue within the pump ,rather than the joining of the pipework.
Thanks terryplumb -Yes its the same waste pipe but cut back to a single pipe sticking out the floor about 5 inches. Originally it was connected to the sink with a condensate clamp. For good measure should a re-create the sink trap and connect it back there again - alos thinking ahead of time of possible methane / foul smells.
As long as you can connect both pipes with an air tight joint ,there is no need for a trap.

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