Bomb in Oslo, shootings on Utøya

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I've heard reports of possible responsibility ranging from........

Al Qaeda.... right wing activists.

Other than Norway being one of the founder members of NATO why would anyone want to have a pop at them.????

My bet is ....... this is a home grown problem.
Putting the pieces of this story together, I noticed something not immediately obvious; there were no police on the island. Hundreds of teenagers and not a policeman in sight. :eek: :eek: :eek: Can you imagine that happening here?

We take it for granted that the police will be there at any event of this size. Norwegians take it for granted that they won't be needed. When I was in Voss many years ago, I went into a bank and was amazed to find the cashiers sitting at open desks in the middle of the room.

This is the open society that Scandinavians are so proud of and I take my hat off to it. (Well I would if I ever wore one. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ) The Norwegian PM was on the news today saying that he wouldn't be bringing in any tighter security measures because then the gunman would have won.

Quite right too! If only we could do the same. Sadly, I fear that we already have too many nutters in our midst. :( :( :(
The events in Norway just go to show what a screwed up individual is capable off. Most of the victims were innocent youngsters with their lives ahead of them.
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Space Cat, Norway seems to have a more relaxed view on crime than over here...

This maniac may only serve a term of 14-21 years in jail. That's what they do in Norway.

Hopefully, he will be declared mentally ill, and locked up for good, as apparently he states, he killed people, but didn't see it as breaking the law. A kind of God given right or something?

If it was in America, I presume they would fry him twice, in the UK, I think that there would be a serious debate to bring back hanging...

14 years for good behaviour...21 max, then out of jail. Unbelievable.
21 years then a review every 5 years after that. If he's still considered a danger then he can effectively be kept in for life.