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Bonding or Hardwall?

Discussion in 'Plastering and Rendering' started by perky416, 18 Nov 2018.

  1. perky416


    22 Sep 2017
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    United Kingdom
    Hi guys,

    In the process of renovating and about to start plastering the front bedroom, thinking im going to have a crack at it myself (did parts of the bathroom myself and it turned out perfect) but im not too sure whether to use bonding or hardwall as an undercoat.
    When I was doing the bathroom the plasterer told me to PVA the wall, then he applied bonding, then he told me to PVA it again before he skimmed it.
    Would this be the correct method to go with or should I consider using hardwall instead?
    The bricks are a mixture of red and dark grey bricks (please see pics attached).

    When the house was re-wired and the chases cut for the cables the plaster literally just fell off the wall in big chunks, like the slightest vibration was enough to make it fall off so im trying to avoid this and get a good solid bond.

    Please note that i am totally against using dot and dab with plasterboard, this has been done in the smallest bedroom (previous owner) and is also the method I used for speed in the airing cupboard, i hate the way the walls sound hollow similar to a stud wall when you knock them. I much prefer the solid feel of an undercoat.

    Many Thanks

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