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15 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom
My house has laminate flooring throughout (wifes idea :mad: ) i've just fitted a new digital aerial and new cable into the house and connected to the old cable as it goes under the laminate. Where the old cable comes out i have a two way booster with a cable going back under the floor to the bedroom where i have a 3 way booster (mine, and 2 kids ) . Reception in the living room is good but after that not good, could this be because im using 2 separate boosters and is the another way ? P.S. i know the best way would be new cable throughout but the flooring is stopping me (tv,s are all against inside walls)
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garbage in garbage out is normal term. Main thing is to amplify before it is attenuated so closer to aerial the booster the better.

But there is nothing to stop you boosting twice I do. From aerial it comes to Sky box which has a booster built in and from there it goes two ways to main TV and booster in loft which then splits 6 ways to each room taking both the digital freeview signal and the analogue sky signal.

It was done to watch sky but it still delivers the freeview signal as well.

So try moving one of you boosters closer to aerial.

Of course aerials also have gain. The old aerials were very selective and gave more gain than many of the new ones. I know one guy with 9 aerials all connected together all 16 element yargi not for TV but principle is the same. But he uses a very narrow band and bounces his VHF signals off the moon to work Morse code into USA.

Now freeview is near completion again in many places narrow band aerials can be used again with colour codes bands. If you have such a problem with flooring then improve it where you can. There will be a limit to using boosters though. (Not with aerial though) When a signal reaches a limit it what one calls over drives and instead of getting a signal which goes up and down like an AC wave form it clips off top and bottom so too much power can also reduce signal.

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