Bosch Exxcel Tumble Drier WTE86304 Loses Power

9 Jan 2013
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United Kingdom

Machine is a Bosch Exxcel WTE86304. Filter regularly cleaned, condensor regularly cleaned. Was working fine until yesterday.

Now, it runs for between 10 seconds and 20 minutes and then totally loses power, as if it has been turned off, lights go off, display goes blank, and then it comes back on with the display as it was at the start of the cycle. Obviously no error codes or anything as the power just seems to go.

Sometimes, when I try and switch it straight back on it cuts out immediately, at which point I can feel a click (like a relay switching?) somewhere behind the start/stop switch.

Just one other thing, not sure if it has always been like this but you don't notice things until you have a problem. The Start/stop button light flashes regularly until it is pressed, once pressed the cycle starts and the light then stays on. If the button is held I get a double bleep sound. May all be normal but though it worth mentioning!

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated thank you!
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