Bosch Logixx Dishwasher Help

8 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi All

I have a Bosch Logixx Dishwasher which has been running for a few years without problems. This morning I discovered that the Dishwasher control panel has no lights although when power on something is whirring away and water is entering the machine! Anyone know what the problem is? Many thanks in advance.
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Are you sure water is entering the machine?
Lean the dishwasher forward & check if water runs off the baseplate (have an old towel ready).
Post the machine "E-number" so we know which model you have...Bosch Logixx doesn't say much. The E-number is laser engraved on the door lip.
Hi Zipper

The Model is SGS6612 GB/07 and water does enter the dishwasher as whe you open the door the spray arms are trailing water on to the plates etc. Whirring noise seems to be the motor? No lights on the Panel at all
HI All

Does anybody know what the problem maybe, desperate to learn what the problem maybe and solution? Many thanks in advance.
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Ok...Something doesn't quite add up here, you need to clarify things.
Correct me if I am wrong but by my reckoning you should have a display + 3 LED's on the LH side of the control panel & 6 buttons/LED's on the RH side.
If the problem is that the display blacks-out then the most likely cause is a malfunctioning display module. If the control panel LED's are out then that points to some kind of pcb issue. If the wash motor is noisy there could be a piece of glass or similar rattling around in the impellor housing or the impellor itself may be damaged. Apart from the "whirring noise" & blank display does the machine run a cycle? i.e. does it fill, pump out, wash, heat, & dry?
Hi Zipper

The dishwasher has 2 Buttons Left Hand side Power and Timer delay with main LED above them which shows time etc. To the right of the open handle are 6 Buttons and LED's

The Machine motor makes a whirring noise just like it is functioning normally, spray arms rotate as usual and water is sprayed onto the plates but the dishwasher tablet is not dispensed, no heating is apparent and water drains straight away and does not stay in the pan. There are no LEDS active on any of the buttons and Main LED which usually shows time etc is dead, left machine on for 2 hours to test. Any ideas what is up with the dishwasher? many thanks
You have a heating fault.
Start by checking the heater element resistance is around 25ish ohms. If that's ok & you cant see any obvious wiring/connector damage then it looks your pcb is history.
Hi Zipper

Many thanks for the reply my Guess is that its the PCB Board as there are no Panel lights anywhere but power button does work. Water Enters the machine but guess is it goes straight out as when you lean the machine forward there is none in the pan, tablet is not dispensed. Will also check Heating Element.
Does anyone know the costs of a new PCB Board, where it can be obtained from and how easy they are to replace? Is it also a case of economics as it may well be just worth purchasing a new machine versus cosst of PCB Board etc? Many thanks once again.

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