Bosch oven trips rcd

18 Jan 2018
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United Kingdom

I have recently moved and the oven is tripping the rcd. We have swapped the thermostat and main oven element but the oven continues to trip.

The fan and light work but the oven will trip once the the temperature gets to about 20 degrees.

Is there anything else that you can suggest or is it time to bite the bullet and fork out for a new oven?


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It could have got damp in a/the heating elements, and when powered up the dampness is collecting at one point and causing the RCD to trip.

Simplest solution if you can, is to try and connect to a non RCD circuit in an effort to dry it out.
As Watson suggests. After that, an alternative course is to get an APPLIANCE repair company - that specialises in the oven make - to see what is causing the problem.

Mind you, cost of repair may well be as much as a new box.

EDIT: 20°C? Blimey, you must keep your house very cold....
Our oven (Stoves brand) used to trip occasionally. It's wired using spade terminals, some were not insulated. Insulating them cured the problem.
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Gonna sound a bit dim but how would I insulate them? I'm not massively technical
I wouldn't bother.

I'm sure the reason for that being a 'cure' is far more likely to have been that something else was moved during the process - causing two wires to no longer contact each other.
I've seen this where a wire inside the oven was arcing against the case. With the oven isolated I would take the covers off and look for evidence of:
1. bare copper showing through on wires
2. overheated or deformed insulation
3. scorch marks
4. pinholes in sheet metal, particularly where it encloses wiring
5. "spatter" - droplets of metal

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