Bosch Washing Machine Problem

3 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Bosch Classixx 1200 washing machine fabric conditioner dispenser does not drain. The fabric conditioner never drains and the conditioner is not diluted therefore no water is entering the dispenser. The siphonic action of the drawer works ok. I have cleaned out the holes above the dispenser.
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The holes may be clear but the waterways are still blocked.
Take the hoses off the back of the dispenser top and try poking them clear with a thin cable tie.
I have already checked the 2 hoses on the back and they appear to be clear. I can blow through them OK and there does not appear to be any resistance. Does the water that flushes the fabric conditioner dispenser drawer actually come from one of the 2 hoses? If so can it be a relay or control problem?
It's not the hoses that are blocked, it's the waterways in the top of the dispenser. It's an extremely common problem with Bosch. Get a long thin cable tie and rod the waterways with it.
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The only sure way to clean a blocked Bosch dispenser is to remove it from the machine and split the top off the unit. This lets you get right inside to clean it properly
As you say it is very common on Bosch. Eric.
Thanks Guys. I've managed to fix the problem by doing as suggested. I cleaned the 4 slotted holes with a long piece of flat plastic coated wire tie. I do not think this method will prove as effective as removing and splitting the soap dispenser unit but is a whole lot simpler. As it is my own machine I do mind having to do it again in the future. Do you have any reason why the soap dispenser gets coated in a black sludge in the first place? I use a Calgon water softener tablet in the main tray with a soap capsule in the drum and Comfort fabric conditioner in the the softener section of the soap dispenser. Most washes are done at 40C degrees.
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I have a similar problem but how do I access these holes and hoses?

The Solution: Top up the softener tray with extra water so that it is up to the 'max level' mark.

The softener tray works by a siphon action. Thus, the reason the tray does not empty is that not enough water is added by the machine during the softening cycle, so that the machine does not completely fill the softening tray; only when the softening tray is filled beyond the 'max' mark does the siphon action works. A partially filled tray will never empty - it's impossible due to the siphon.

The reason that not enough water is added to the tray during the softening action is that the water inlet of the machine is partial blocked (you can try to fix that) but it is simpler to just added more water to the conditioner tray.

Thus, the easiest way to ensure that the softener tray empties every time (after adding the softener to the softener tray of course) is to top up the softener tray with extra water, top it up to the 'max level' line (keep a bottle of water by the machine). That way, even if only a little water is added to the softener tray during the softening cycle by the machine it is enough to trigger the siphon action and the tray will empty!

Works for me every time, and no need to remove any parts - I used to take the tray out, clean it, scrub the outlet holes that fill the tray etc, but they used to gum up again quite quickly!

Hope that helps
I'm having similar problem. Recently my washing machine (Bosch Classixx1200) finishes its cycle emptying detergent but not the fabric conditioner?! I'm new on the forum
"I can not get the drawer out"
In the fabric conditioner section is a raised grey plastic section - press down firmly then ease the drawer out. Sometimes needs a bit more of a pull than you'd think!

Thanks for all the tips about the fabric conditioner not draining - i've had this problem for a while. Will try topping up with water each time (just worried will flood over the top of the drawer).
I have this completely SOLVED, what you need to do is:-
Remove the drawer and look inside the drawer slot, at the top you will see loads of holes, in the middle you will notice a peice just above the fabric possition approx 2.5 inches long and 1 inch wide, It will have little clips either side. IT IS THIS PART THAT IS BLOCKED WITH GUNDGE!...You need to prize these clips apart and the middle bit will drop down and you can clean all the crap from it and you will of solved the problem. If you break the piece off dont worry because it will still clip back in place and function as it should.
NO NEED to revove the top and clean the pipes.

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