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5 Oct 2005
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United Kingdom
I am relaying my Victorian floor boards (suspended joists removed and an insulated concrete floor with joists inset has been installed).

Approx 2300 nails to go in so considering nail gun for my arm's sake! However, v expensive to buy so will hire one which takes 55mm or similar brads. But... is there a control to regulate the power the gun fires at? Some brads will be going through solid timber, but naturally, by chance, some original holes marry up with where the new joists are so surely if I fire through these holes the gun will require much less power or it'll go through the board completely. Or should I avoid firing through existing holes/manually hammer in these brads?

Thanks for any advice.
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If the floor is to be left exposed the nail heads from a gun are quite ugly.
Well even if I manually hammer them in, they'll still show though??
I have a paslode im65 and I can adjust if I want my nail flush of sunk into the wood.
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If the floor is to be left exposed the nail heads from a gun are quite ugly.

Have to agree. I wouldn't even consider using a nail gun if it's exposed, cut nails look the business on a floor of that age.
If the floors being covered up then the nail gun is fine. Most guns are adjustable for their power, well the paslode anyway, but it would be probaly be better to miss the original nail holes or else you'll be continually adjusting your gun unless that isn't a chore for you.
Now been advised the boards will just pull through the tiny 2mm heads of the brads from a nail gun in a few months giving me an absolute nightmare. I'm advised the only way is by hand either with similar style original brad nails with 6-7mm heads, or flatten the heads of a ring shank nail to make it rectangular so easier to centre punch in to allow floor sanding.

Mmmm, any light on that??

I'd still stick with my original idea of cut nails, called on this site cut clasp nails (still think these look the dog's) or go for cut floor brads - clasp
Use a pilot hole especially on the end of the boards and maybe have the nails stuck into a tub of tallow and then just knock them home.

After saying about adjusting the power of a nailgun I did actually use a nail gun recently and looked at it and it had been that long since I'd used one that it took me a little time to figure out how to alter the power on the thing :oops:
Dean you're right in one respect but not in another. Taking Paslode as probably "the best" manufacturer of professional nail guns, they do two types of gun. One takes brads and is used for finishing work, architrave, skirting etc and the proper nail gun used for framing and carpentry work. It's that sort that you need.

Have alook on Paslode's website, they explain the different machines and pluses and minuses of each one.

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