Can I control a TV or similar over the internet?

27 Jan 2008
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Llanfair Caereinion, Nr Welshpool
United Kingdom
My mother is now 89 and she is having problems getting the TV to work which is not helped by freeview and the continual re-turning and swapping of program numbers. At my house I have given up with freeview as it seemed every day BBC 1 Wales and BBC 1 North West would swap channel numbers.

So she rings me up TV is not working and I drive 15 miles to re-tune or simply change remote from DVD to TV where she has pressed the wrong button.

I believe with sky it is possible to set the box to record remote but is there a way be it a PC under TV or a sky box where I can set it up so when she rings me I can change the channel?
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you can go into the menu and stop automatic retunes
you can normally also remove unwanted chanels and move the channels in the order you [she] likes so perhaps with a reduced number off channels you can get her to use +/- channel button
My TV has automatic re-turn set to off makes no never mind it still puts a banner up asking one to re-tune which can only be removed with TV remote. I normally turn TV on/off with sky remote or Bluray remote so a real pain.

In the past when it asked me to re-tune that was a signal to go to my mothers and do hers. But I now have no aerial so it's not until she rings I know.

Pre-Vista I had a free program so within the house I could control one PC from another but when Vista came that stopped working but I am sure there is a way to remotely access over the internet?

To buy a new TV monitor or computer is clearly no use unless she can use it and even with favourites set on the sky box and snowpek around the blue and select buttons which are the only ones she needs still can't get her to use sky.

I though with internet maybe I can also set up other things like a web cam to see how she is.

But start point is to find out what is on the market if I could control her TV from my house that would make it easy.
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I agree. The Slingbox is absolutely ideal *IF* the TV set has an AV output that you can connect to it, because you need to see what mum sees on the TV screen, otherwise it's useless.

The Slingbox facilitates remote control.

I used one for a time (about a year before it failed) and it was fine, once I'd figured out how to set it up.

(Obviously mum needs to have a broadband connection.)
At my house I have given up with freeview as it seemed every day BBC 1 Wales and BBC 1 North West would swap channel numbers.
Tricky because:
Moel-y-Parc = 39, 42, 45, 48, 52
Winter Hill = 49, 50, 54, 55, 58
So there's an overlap.

Adding a "Group CD" bandpass filter will get rid of 39 and 42 and weaken 45, possibly significantly, but still leaving the unwanted 48 and 52. However, the BBC channels are on 42 and 45 so that might suffice for your problem. (Hurry because "Group CD" bandpass filters are no longer manufactured.)

If you wanted perfection, you'd need a tuned notch filter to reduce the signals from 48 and 52.
Thank you all. The notched filter seems a little OTT I think I can mount an aerial where it will not see English TV.

But the Slingbox is likely what I need. Point taken on overheat and need for broad band but cost was not a consideration it is just being able to give my mum a quality of live.

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