Can Vitamin D help protect against Covid 19?

According to the rda figures, and the amounts of vitamin d in various foodstuffs, you'd need to eat about half a pound of sardines, or two dozen eggs, each day, to get your fix through diet .

It's a wonder any of us are alive at all!
Sunshine all the way! Beer or a cuppa in the garden every day, sorted :)
I knew food played a very small part on the vitamin, plus there's only a few foods that contain it but I didn't realise how much you had to eat, blimey..
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There are two significant contributory factors (and obviously not the only factors) as to why more people of an ethnic background have died in the UK.

1. People with darker skin absorb proportionally less vitamin D and are known to be prone to be Vitamin D deficient when living in a country with less sunlight than their heritage had evolved to protect them from.
2. People with darker skin are statistically more likely to be overweight. I do not wish to speculate on the reasons for that.

Doctors are beginning to realise that obesity has a massive impact on the severity of the disease.
People with darker skin originate in hotter climate where they get all their vitamin d from sunlight and traditionally their diet is poor in it .They opposite for whites.
Covid has been found to affect blood group A more than other groups which is also race related .
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The amount of Melatonin does affect the amount of vitamin D you get from a unit of sunlight. So it's just about how much tan you have, either natural or acquired. Spray on might confuse matters though.
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