Candidate for "police and crime commissioner" jailed

15 Nov 2005
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Kent English Democrats official jailed for election fraud
Steve Uncles, 52, regional leader of the English Democrats, was convicted of electoral fraud after the elections in Kent in 2013.

Fictional candidates were put forward as well as people who had not agreed to stand, Maidstone Crown Court heard.

Uncles, of Shears Close, Wilmington, near Dartford was jailed for seven-and-a-half months.

He was convicted on 24 February of seven counts of using a false instrument with intent and two counts of causing or permitting a false statement to be included in a nomination form.

The man is a right-wing extremist; anti-foreigner, anti-EU and anti-Moslem; and a convicted criminal.

In unrelated news, a number of Conservative MPs are under investigation about election expenses.
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He sounds like the sort of chap the RWR revere. Poor old RWR's, no wonder they are a bitter old bunch.
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How about him being a member of the SNP?

Or is that conjecture also false news?

Note to self, ask the Donald he will have all the Goss
How about him being a member of the SNP?

If you have a look at his twitter, you will find he hates everyone, except a small proportion of those sharing his lifestyle, experience and mindset.

He's need quite an array of coloured triangles to identify all his enemies.

Which posters have been absent from GD recently?
He was jailed for making false statements, since when has that been a crime in this country.
what a strange question.

convicted of electoral fraud

But I see you are in Northern Ireland. Is it considered normal behaviour there?
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what a strange question.

But I see you are in Northern Ireland. Is it considered normal behaviour there?
I thought politicians making false statements was considered normal behaviour everywhere, how else do you explain the success of Tony Blair.
"A false instrument" is legal speak for a forged document .

Either a fake id /certificate/ or any other document that is used in a legal sense to obtain something
Someone should have told the poor bloke that you have to be elected before you can start making false declarations.
Maybe he thought he was filling in an expenses sheet.
It only applies if you are caught. Same as everywhere else.
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