Candidate for "police and crime commissioner" jailed

It only applies if you are caught. Same as everywhere else.
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I suppose that before you are elected ant try to shall we say pull a fast one that will be "personation"

After election Impersonation is expected? in that the classic Phrase wasn't me Gov springs to mind.

Wonder what words even come close to Mr. Trumph? nearest i can think of is False?
"A dozen police forces have passed files on up to 20 Conservative MPs' election campaigns to the CPS."

Intersting how John focus's on what he's trying to push. Read the article further, and this comes to light.

“The Labour party and Liberal Democrats both failed to declare sums of money which constituted a larger proportion of their national expenditure in the 2015 general election. Both have been fined by the Electoral Commission, and the Liberal Democrats are also under police investigation.”

Just goes to show that there's not many honest politicians of any persuasion.
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Have not heard of any Scottish Politicians getting pulled for this?

Is this just a local to England Quirk?

Anyone know of Welsh or NI issues?
John is "trying to push" the fact that a "Candidate for "police and crime commissioner" has been jailed.

Are you going to tell us that he's a closet Conservative? Or just an open RWR and Quitter.
I doubt he's the type to be a quitter and stay in the EU, seems more like someone who would care for his country and do something to take back control. I didn't quit & roll over to take it up the wrong un by Juncker, Merkel & their cronies, I voted leave.
I doubt he's the type to be a quitter

yes, as well as all the other people he hates, he wanted to resign from the EU.

His website may still be live

He may even share Theresa's claim that she's willing to flounce out

but it could just be another of those false quitter stories.

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