Candy 2012-80 Dishwasher not emptying

23 Oct 2011
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United Kingdom
I have a problem with my Candy CDI2012-80 dishwasher, we normally use program P3, the cycle fishes and the dishes are washed ok but water remains in the bottom.

Zipper is very knowledgeable and I have followed his instructions to produce the error code, P1+P2 flash 6 times and repeats.

I have run an active test program, no error code was produced and the water emptied ok.

Any additional advice gratefully accepted. Thanks
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When rapid reading a stored error code on this model it is only shown once, then cleared from the Eeprom. However this model doesn't have a 6 flash error code, it has a 2, 3, 5, 8, & 10...but no 6. So it looks like an invalid code to me. If you ran an active test program afterwards & it didn't throw up an error code then there isn't a fault. It could be that there is an intermittent drain issue caused by a failing pump or piece of glass or crockery etc jamming the impellor occasionally. However a drain issue is usually accompanied by a repeating 3 flash code. Try running a couple of cycles & see what happens.
Thanks zipper for a supper fast response, Top Man,

I think I made a typing error, I meant to say '8 Flashes' I've just tried it again, it still flashes 8 times, the other thing I meant to say was 'The M/C is run over night on a delay, [to save electric] on opening the door in the morning, , the P1 light is flashing fast, switching the M/C off is the only way to clear it.

I'm going to run it again this afternoon to see if it happens again.

Is there any way to drain the water without using a sponge.
E8 signals a heating error. It can have more than one cause so start by checking the heater resistance & the wiring to it. The heater terminals are at the lower rear of the machine behind a plastic cover. You may be able to get rid of the excess water by lowering the waste hose to floor level & drain it into a bucket or bowl.
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Well the M/C finished it's cycle, No error code, all water pumped out. Inside the M/C it is hot which suggest the heater is working.

Is there any way the problem can ocure when the delay function is used?, ie over night.

Thanks so far.
If it ran a cycle,...filled, rinsed, washed, heated, dried etc then it did what it was supposed to do. The only thing you can do is keep an eye on the situation & report any further malfunction. If you normally use the delay function give that another go & see how it works out.
Thanks again zipper, I'll do that and report back.

Have a good week.

I wonder if you guys could help me too?

I also have a candy 2012 and it's getting stuck on the rinse program. It makes 1 second 'buddy's' continuously and doesn't move on...any ideas?

Thank you!
Hi All and Zipper, since my last visit I've run many tests, P5 [rinse] just kept running,

P4 was the only program to work correctly, heat, wash and empty.

The fault laid with the circuit board, this was replaced and it now works as it should.

I got Candy to fix it for me.

Gump, you need to run checks to see what faults occure with what programs, then maybe Zipper could suggest a way forward

Thanks for your help Zipper. javascript:emoticon(':D')
Really appreciate your reply! Thank you!!!

Just tried all programs, same thing's happening!!! :(

I contacted Candy yesterday, our options are;
£125 for call-out parts and labour (one off)
£14.99 pm (£180 annual) for 12 month warranty which will cover this repair and any others in the next year...
The dishwasher's 6 years old, aren't things built to last any length of time these days?!!

Thanks again!
Hi Gump, I went for the monthly option, if it breaks down again and it's not fixable, then you get a new M/C.

The circuit board is behind the front cover, held on by a few screws, so possible to get a new board from Candy and do it yourself.
Thank you both for your replies...we're going to have a look this week, hopeful,y it's an easy fix!!!
some problem on CDI1012-02.

How to do "test cycle" ?

Thank you.

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