Can't remove Bath Waste??? Help please

31 Dec 2013
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United Kingdom

I wondered if anyone had any advise on removing a bath waste that is properly limescaled up?

Whenever i just about manage to get a grip on the bolt that i need to undo it moves the bath plug around?

As this bath is one of those old standard baths, metal, been in the house 20 years i have noticed that all modern bath wastes do seem quite flimsy compared to what is on there atm.

Any advise appreciated.


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Hi Kevin

Thanks - actually i have been using pump pliers and no good at all - it also struggles to get a proper grip and when it does just about the whole thing turns - i don't think it can be removed the conventional way? IF anything the pliers have ruined the bolt a bit?
Get a pair of grips on the plastic nut, get someone to hold the waste inside the bath with a large flat head screw driver and undo the plastic nut (anti clock wise) with grips.
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Undo the screw on the waste in the bath, undo the nut on the waste pipe from the trap, instead of the jammed one. Remove the lot and replace (y)
Get two large screwdriver and poke it through the plug hole from above and hold it.

Get a pump plier and undo the nut while holding screwdriver in.

It will be stiff but keep trying.

If can't, cut nut off and replace with new bath waste fitting.

I would have cut it off by now! Slice the nut will come off easy
Instead of two large screwdrivers I have used a pair of snipe nose pliers with the jaws slightly open so that they fit neatly into the waste from above. This may allow you to get some stilsons on the handles of the pliers while someone else holds the nut underneath the bath with another set of stilsons.
If this waste is going to be scrap then take off the trap, get 2 pairs of vice grips, lock up 1 pair onto the threads underneath and grab the plastic nut with the 2nd pair, just tight enough so you don't deform it. Or hacksaw right through it all above the plastic nut.
Thanks alot for the different bits of advise!

I don't think I'm going to get it off conventionally, i was thinking of the hack saw option as i am replacing the whole lot. I will give it a try although i will need to go and get a similar waste and overflow kit first but these days they are all push plug types and i the simple type i have now.
thanks - i did end up sawing through it, well part way, and then managed to snap it off. It was one of the metal ones.

I have now replaced it with the new one. I have used a fair amount of silicone on the new seal as the fitting is a very close fit and quite hard to get it centred so fingers crossed the silicone will do the trick!

Next job might be replacing the taps so might be back to ask advise!

Thanks for helping!
Undoing the screw is less labour intensive than sawing through the underneath....

This one don't have a screw, this waste flange is holding back by the back nut.

There are two different type of bath waste fitting.

Op, unscrew the back nut and the whole thing will come out, if stuck, cut through nut is the only way.


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