Car daignostic reader unable to read fault code


4 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi retired neighbour with seat 2003 with 30k miles petrol 1.4 manul has
Abs light on dash board another kind neighbour borrowed vag com reader
But not getting anything on the reader " unable to communicate error"
He also tried with couple of old readers he had but none would respond
Any advise / help main dealer is not her option
Thanking in advance
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Not uncommon, this to check the abs wires to each wheel, look for disconnection or damage to the reluctor wheels on the front driveshafts.
Good luck!
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ih, Perhaps not immediately helpful, but don’t exclude the possibility that the ABS wires and adjacent cables may have been chewed by wildlife. It’s worth getting whoever is best placed to have a recce underneath the car to look for random bite marks along cables mounted on the back axle/suspension (rear) and those running to the front wheels. My neighbours and I were plagued a couple of years ago with the same problem. Never worked out if it was rats, fox cubs or whatever. FYI, this problem is more widespread that most people are aware of. Best of luck to the car owner.
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