Peugeot 207sw overfilled with oil

25 Aug 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

An older lady from round the corner knocked on my door the other day (we are surrounded by them and the fact I've always got some sort of project in bits attracts them like flies).

She was topping up the oil on her 2008 207sw 1.4 petrol when a neighbour started talking to her and she forgot to stop filling the oil, she says she put most of a 5 litre can in.

Unfortunately she then started it and moved it 10 yards to wash it, she then had someone round to remove the over filled oil which they seem to have done by just loosening the drain plug enough to let some leak out, when I looked at it the level still seemed a bit high. This person took it for a drive and came back to tell the lady she needs a new engine and he couldn't help her further.

I took a quick look the other day, the level is right at the top of the plastic bit of the dipstick, when you start the car it idles fine for roughly 30 seconds apart from the engine fan comes on full speed and stays on for about 10 minutes after you switch the car off. After the initial 30 seconds the engine sounds like it's knocking and vibrating badly and a pollution fault error appears on the dash.

I've a copy of peugeot planet somewhere in the garage so will load it back on my laptop and read the pollution fault code, my initial thoughts are the oil has probably been pushed past the rings and has contaminated the plugs and this is causing 1 or 2 cylinders to miss causing the knocking effect I'm hearing, I can't see the bottom end bearings being scrap as I'd expect them to knock immediately not after 30 seconds, can anyone think of another cause?

My plan is to remove some more oil with my vaccum extractor till the Dipstick is about 2/3 full, check the plugs and if they appear ok do a compression test, is there anything else worth checking at this stage?

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Get the oil to the correct level, clean the plugs, take it for a drive. Trouble is, if it was massively overfilled it will be in the cat and the exhaust and will take ages to burn out.
The bearings etc will be fine, more likely the cat has been contaminated.
The fact that the engine idles for a while means there’s nothing knackered there. Reduce the oil level, check the air cleaner for oil pumped up there and see how it runs.
John :)
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Went and looked at this yesterday, 2 out of 4 plugs coated solid in oil, fitted 4 new ones (£48 quid robdogs) and it's running alot better, idle seems abit poor still and the anti pollution fault message and engine management light are on but when driven it drives absolutely fine, guess it just needs a few good runs.

Checked air filter no signs of oil contamination.

I'll vist the lady again in a few days to look at the fault codes my copy of diagbox was playing up I'll need to look at installing it again.

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