carrier bearings

3 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
me again can i tell if the carrier bearings have gone in my gearbox it's a 1600 zetec engine as i have been told this could be the problem noise (
thanks ?
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I think it is unlikley to be the gearbox. There are various options - anti roll bar bushes are one, worn or loose engine mountings are another. It could even be a knackered spring or shock absorber.
ok im with it know ive seen your other post, sounds very like anti roll bar bushes as has been said or even the anti roll bar link arms.
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hi, thanks for the replies,,,,i've had allthe mountains checked and bushes e.t.c and no-one cansee anything wrong and it's bugging me i'm one of these that have the attitude that....if there is a noise or a problem it has to be fixed as it shouldn't be there! however someone else mentioned linkage arms? but if people have so called checked underneath wouldn't they have noticed that they were in need of replacement ...HOW CAN I TELL IF THEY NEED REPLACING WHAT DO I LOOK FOR ?
if its the anti roll bar link arms 2 ways you can check them 1st you need the wheels on the ground then get your hand in and see if they move, or disconnect whichever side you think the noise is and take a run down the road, if the noise has gone thats the duff one.

The anti roll bar bushes the majority of the time do look ok, its not until you compare them to new ones you see the difference.
This is not a hard job and the bushes cost about a fiver
:) thank's 1 chunky for the info, i will try that tomoz and let you know.