escort gearbox noise

3 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
hi hope someone can giveme someadvice..i have a R reg 1996 escort lx, 1600 zetec engine, the engine runs lovely and quite and it has only done 54,000 miles the problem is that when i'm driving along a smooth road i can't hear a noise..then if i go over a pot hole or some form of uneven road i.e were they've replaced tarmac i get a clunking type of noise quite loudly it seems to me as if it is coming from the front of the car "MAYBE CENTRAL" ?.
NOW I was told it was the wishbone arm so i had a new one fitted, still i had the noise, then i was told it was the drive shaft cv joint or something like that? so i had a complete passenger side driveshaft fitted and still i have the noise ,now i am on a tight budjet so i can't afford to keep going down the line of trial and error .........can anyone tell me what this problem could be ,,as i have now been told it could be the carrier bearing in the gearbox..if this is so how can you tell if it definatly is this as i don't want to be going to the expense of this to find out i still have the annoying noise!! ..the car starts first time in amorning with no funny noises and there is no screeching coming from the gearbox and i can get my gears like normal with no problems,,hope this info helps with the solving of the problem if someone can hep?
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