Cavity closers

Well the cavity closer in the pic is encapsulated in plastic and the last time I checked, plastic does not absorb water.
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Thems not bricklayers my old son, nor do they know anything about current Building Regs.
Cut the split out from the cavity, parge and tidy up the badly cut bats on the face work,and fit cavity closure to size required.
We use Thermobate, not the cheapest, but in our opinion the best.
Photo does not clearly show cavity size, and am worried about your insulation, type and thickness to comply with L1B. Also do not know your K value of internal blockwork.
Regards oldun

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Hi Oldun, your advice is always appreciated.

That pier already existed and was not built by this builder. There was a single storey extension built about 7 years ago by another builder. It used to look like this

It now looks like this. We have built a first floor extension over half of that single storey extension and also widened it to the right hand side. The picture I showed you of the cavity is that left hand pier you can see in all of the pictures ie it is a remnant of the existing single storey extension

The middle pier was made by this builder (it is solid engineering brick due to the wall it supports) as was the right hand pier (which again is cavity)

Since that left hand pier was part of an existing extension signed off by BC I'm confused as to why you think it doesn't meet insulation guidelines.

I appreciate that the cavity closure is incorrect and needs to be rectified.

Thanks for your help

Edited to remove photos (I don't like to leave photos of my own home up for too long)
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Those cavity closers that the link was posted to earlier, excellently priced but would there be a problem with cold bridging from the outside cavity?


The more expensive ones do not have the plastic going all the way across and only have plastic to hold the insulation.


There is a big price difference between the two types, will the cheaper ones be fine for around windows and doors and not cause me any hassle in the future?
Brilliant, thank you. Though their price has gone up another £20 now :LOL: Cheaper on ebay :cool:

That's all I needed to know so I'll get some ordered, cheers Dude.

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