CCTV/Home Surveillance Help for a Noob please

25 Aug 2012
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United Kingdom
Just had a new (wired) alarm system installed and at the same time Cat5 runs dropped from a gigabit switch in the loft to each room.
Router is downstairs with the pc (connected to switch in loft of course).
There are motion-detected security floodlights in the front and back

Now possibly OTT but I was planning to also consider CCTV for added security.
I want a camera at the rear to cover the (long ~50m) garden
A camera also covering the dark small passage between the front and rear of the house (there is a gate at the front) would probably be an idea.

'Er Indoors would also like a camera which helps identify who is at the front door so she can decide whether to open it or not or how cautious to be visible on a screen in the hallway or something

Ideally I would like any associated hardware to run to the loft (eg recorder).

A reasonable cost-effective kit would be ideal (for example I see Makro do a 4 camera one for ~£200)?
For the front what would be the best idea: get a separate video doorbell thingy or can this be incorporated into the rest of the cctv solution in some way (just need "visibility" not "intercom)

Help appreciated.
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Hi wigwam12. I was new to CCTV too and just installed a budget but good enough for me system. Sounds like it should cover your needs too.

For the door you could, as you suggest, just have a camera on the CCTV then have an Internet device like iPad or iPhone near the front door to view the cameras when you wish...

I just did a write up today, on here, have a look and give me a shout if you have any questions:

subscribing to your topic was the first things I did mate :D

Cheap tablet on the wall to serve as an LCD for the front camera might be a cunning solution although how to wire that up (unless I do it via wifi) might be an issue....

So the recorder takes feeds from each camera and the recorder is plugged into the network?
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Correct, pick up a cheap tab and connect over WiFi (or buy a monitor and cable it back up to your DVR in loft if you like!)

Yep, DVR just plugs into your router (or in your case it sounds like a switch, no idea if this complicates port forwarding, would not have thought so as it is based on IP of the device)

Again, correct, all four cameras wire back to the DVR and if you use shotgun cable like I did then this will sort the video and power for each camera. The DVR comes with a power splitter so the supplied plug and splitter will power DVR plus four cameras :D

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