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Ceiling and wall cracks

Discussion in 'Building' started by Katshouse, 8 Sep 2020.

  1. Katshouse


    8 Sep 2020
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    United Kingdom
    HI there,

    We have put an offer in on a house we love but are worried by alarming ceiling and wall cracks. They run all across the first floor ceiling. Horizontal cracks above the length of both bedroom windows. Vertical cracks near windows. Cracks round the chimney bay and hairline cracks across the main ceiling, these appear possibly to be in line with joists.

    The house is a 1930s semi, upstairs hasn't been decorated for a while, im thinking 70s early 80s, loft looks in fairly good nick with boards down. We have a building surveyor coming out in a month but we re wondering if its worth the money and wait if cracks are so problematic we ll likely have to walk away. Just hoping our dream house can be rescued!!

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