changing rad, valves, without draining..

8 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi, i need to change a 600x 600mm rad radiator and valves.but dont fance draining the system as its a primatic cylinder and dont want to risk problems with blockages, air locks ..

would it be possible, to either cut pipes live (15mm ground floor so water goes on concrete house base) and put a 15mm inline full bore valve on pipe then close this giving me time to alter pipes, fit valves and rad? Or Freeze pipe, then cut and fit inline valve, by the time rad is fitted ice plug should have melted?.

Also if heating is off pump isnt spinning is it? so that should reduce water "speed"? and never froze a pipe beofur so any tips on this would help.

i have cut a live pipe when i fitted new bathroom, cut hot pipe on basin to fit inline valve that went well, bit of water but not tons.

Any advise is welcome thanks.
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