Charging battery using CTEK XS3600

13 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom
I bought a ctek xs3600 charger the other day which allows me to charge my car battery without removing it from the car. However, the instructions are confusing me.

The charger is supplied with a set of clamps designed to grasp the battery poles and a set of eyelet terminals which you bolt permanently attach to the bolts on the battery terminals. These can be connected to the charger using a snap fit connector.

See link below for pics:

So there are three scenarios:

1. If I remove the battery from the car, then I just connect the red wire to the positive pole of the battery and the black wire to the negative pole.

2. If I leave the battery in the car and attach the clamps to the battery poles then the instructions say...

Identify which of the poles is the earth (connected to the chassis). The earth is normally connected to the negative terminal.
Charging of negative earthed battery: Connect the red wire to the positive pole of the battery and the black wire to the vehicle chassis. Then attach the charger via the quick connect adapter.

3. If I leave the battery in the car, and use the eyelet terminals which would have been secured to the battery clips prior, then I just need to attach the charger using the quick connect adapter.

What I don't get is the difference between scenarios 2 and 3. Why on scenario 2 do I attach one clamp to the battery and the other to the chassis? Yet in scenario 3 I effectively attach both cables to the battery via the eyelet terminals?

What's the difference?

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you seem to be makin a meal of this dude! jus connect the charger whilst its on the car- doesnt matter if you connect earth to battery or your bonnet- earth is earth- but obviously your gonna connect it to the terminal for least resistance and distance attainable from your wires!!! stop reading instructions!!!!! kind regards tommy
Sorry tommy, first time I've had to look after my own car, always used my sisters until now.
Hence after not using it for 2 month battery has gone flat :oops:
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