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6 Mar 2013
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United Kingdom
Hey All,

Just had my first quote through for 3 bedrooms this morning, wallpaper already peeling but underneath looks in good order. Approx 35m2 in total. Not sure if this included materials, i`m kind of hoping it includes gold leaf wallpaper.


Prepare and paint bedroom 1 :
walls and ceiling £450
woodwork £100
strip existing wallpaper £200
ceiling- lining paper £150
Total : £900
Prepare and paint office :
walls and ceiling £500
woodwork £100
strip existing wallpaper £250
ceiling- lining paper £200
Total : £1050
Prepare and paint bedroom 2 :
walls and ceiling £450
woodwork £100
strip existing wallpaper £200
ceiling- lining paper £150
Total : £900
Quote Total : £2.850
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See what the other quotes say, it does depend on Location, London prices are normally high, anywhere else I would say the prices would be nearer half the price quoted.
Agree with Boss white, prices do seem high but if you're in London its not surprising, they may be a top notch firm that gives an excellent job for the money and you also don't give any dimensions. The quote should state what materials are included and indeed what paint manufacturers they use. Best you make contact and ask.
You could take a big chunk off by removing the wall paper yourself.

I'd personally be buying some paint brushes/ rollers and having a go myself over the weekends.

I suppose it depends what your spare time is worth.
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I am a London based decorator. £900 for a standard double bedroom (or large single) doesn't seem unreasonable. That said, what happens when they remove the wall paper? Are they going to line and paint it? Does the price include materials? How old is the property, what condition is the wood work in? How high are the walls? Do they need to remove radiators?

More importantly, what quality of finish will they provide?

I am currently doing a hallway (only 2 floors of three floors) in Ealing (west London). It's a big house. 15 doors, wallpapered above the dado (to be removed and lined/painted). I am aiming for a high quality finish. I anticipate over 5 weeks just to sand/fill the woodwork. Unfortunately, at some point in the past it became a house of multi-occupancy, before reverting to sole ownership, so some of the painting was quite rough. The total job will be about £7K (inclusive of materials), my day rate is only £165.

That might sound expensive, yes they could probably find someone willing to do it for half the price but their will be haze of dust for months and the door panels will crack over winter. In an ideal world you get what you pay for- regrettably price is no guarantee of quality of finish though. I strongly recommend that you ask to see their previous work and if you get the opportunity to, then run your fingers over the woodwork, it should be a smooth as the baby's proverbial bottom.

As an aside, a couple of years ago my GF decided she wanted to redecorate our tiny hallway. Knowing that I was busy, she used one of those "race to the bottom" websites where people bid to provide quotes. She paid the guy what I would have probably quoted. Then she asked me to re-decorate it as soon as he had finished. He had 5 star feedback...
I bought a wallpaper stripper steamer from B&Q for about £30, it makes it so much easier. Yes, still takes time, but at least that's £400 saved.
Then, buy some brushes, some pots, some rollers, some paint ....

I know good decoration does look great, but it is the one thing I feel confident that I can do almost as good as a pro. And, if there are little areas where it looks a bit messy, I can live with that knowing I saved 2K.
Has anyone notice how stoopidly expensive the Earlex Steam Master has become?

I paid £150 about 7(?) years ago, it has more than doubled in price since then. It is currently £384.70 at Toolstation. Have kettle elements been subject to hyperinflation?

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