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22 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom
Before Christmas I had a pigeon fall down the chimney in the house. It luckily fell out the chimney into the lounge a couple of days later and I put it out in garden. We also had quite a few seeds and things come down the gas fire chimney over the summer (I think also due to birds).

The house has two chimney breasts with three fire places:

1. Lounge fireplace used with a real flame gas fire (gas flame with lava rock)

2. One fireplace which I have plasterboarded over and left a vent in to prevent condensation and allow ventilation. This fireplace is different to ones I have seen in the past. It is next to the main chimney breast from the lounge downstairs and is set into the wall with a very narrow opening. I think it was used for an old 60's type bare flame gas fire.

I think this one shares the chimney for the fireplace in the lounge.

3. One chimney breast blocked off both downstairs and upstairs in front of house. I know this one will need capping as I can imagine getting a bired out of there could be a massive job.

I spoke to a roofer who told me that the unused chimney could simply be capped off with a ventilated cap as it was not used.

He told me that according to Corgi regulations the gas fire chimney pot shouldn't be capped off unless it was using a particular approved stainless steel cap? He also mentioned wire baskets were not a good idea as it encourages birds to nest on them?

I can see the point about birds nesting on the wire baskets but what can you use instead that will still allow ventilation? Does anyone know what ones are corgi approved? (not seen anything on web)

I have seen chimney cages with anti nesting devices on them but aren't sure how effective they are:

I will contact these suppliers but I would be interested to know of others opinons here.

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That is interesting. I have the same gas fire in my lounge as yours (a real flame gas fire with lava rock).

I had a terrecotal cap with 4 rows of vetilated slots all around installed by a builder( not corgi ).

I went to build center and Jewson for price (£45+) and advice before asking for the builder to get it (cheaper by £20). Their advice is ok for 4 slotted cap but not the 3 slotted cap for lack of ventilation. Unless the rule has changed since or I was given a duff advice.

I rejected the wired cap although it is cheaper because bird **** and hail stones could still come through.

I would appreciate if any one would throw a few more light on it

I am not a Heating Engineer or have in depth knowledge on this but I have found the following from web and instructions for this fire:

1. From the website link you sent, a few of the clay type caps have the note on them:
Important - The appliance manufacturers' installation instructions must be followed at all times. GC2 and GC3 terminals are not suitable for use with 'decorative fuel effect' gas appliances installed to BS5871
GC5 and Stangas Terminals are NOT suitable for use with 'decorative fuel effect' gas appliances installed to BS 5871: Part 3.
2. From my gas fire's instructions it mentions
Decorative fuel effect appliances can only be installed into Class 1 flue systems as defined in building regulations.
  • BS 5440 Part 1 1990
    BS 5440 Part 2 1989
    BS 6714 1986
3. From reading about BS 5871-1:2005 (cant read it as it has to be purchased) documents it seems the technical term for these fires is 'decorative fuel effect' gas appliances which seems to be covered under the following BS document:
BS 5871-1:2005
Specification for the installation and maintenance of gas fires, convector heaters, fire/back boilers and decorative fuel effect gas appliances.
If you look at the link: (MT01 and MT09)

you will see it mentions:
Suitable for All Gas Appliances to BS5871:1991 Parts 1,2 & 3, in particular DFE and ILFE fires.
Note: DFE Decorative Fuel
However the cost of these seems very high i.e approx £110 plus delivery.

I have seen another site that does a similar cowel manafactured by a company called "Colt" for approx £38 Inc VAT and Delivery. BS standards e.t.c. Thanks Martin[/list]

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