Chimney stack: shared cost of rebuild

4 Apr 2010
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United Kingdom
I live in semi detached house in the north west. Several months ago my neighbours told me they were going to be having their roof done and that at the same time they were going to rebuild the top of the chimney stack. It was being done by a mate of theirs at mates rates, the whole job coming in at about £6.8k. I can't really say no to the work, as it needs doing, but I asked them to let me know how much that would cost me. I didn't get an answer. Several weeks later, they told me when the work was going to be carried out. I asked them again to let me know how much that would cost me. I didn't get an answer. The work commences, the roofer asks me whether I want my side of the chimney capping off etc, so we discussed and told him.

Only now, after the work has been completed has the neighbour come around and asked for £450 for my share of the work. From what the roofer and neighbour have said, they've only rebuild the top three courses of brick, and capped the chimney with slate, and kept the pots for aesthetics. I was expecting a figure half of this. Is this a figure you'd expect for this kind of work - considering the scaffolding was already there, and the chimney was done within about 6 hours.
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Don't forget the £450 is for your half so the price is £900. Seems a bit steep for what you describe but highlights the need to get a firm price on work before its carried out.
Does sound expensive.
I'm having to have my chimney rebuilt and it's coming in at about £500.
It involves taking it down to the ridge, rebuilding it up, re-doing the lead flashing and capping 2 unused chimneys off.

Haven't involved the neighbour for a share of the costs, primarily because the damage is due to the stack moving. The previous home owner had a chimney taken out and not supported correctly.
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Thanks for the replies. I did ask the neighbour to confirm to much the work would cost me each time it was mentioned, but I never received a figure.

I had a number in my head based on what I'd discussed with builders I know, and it was in the 5-600 region for the whole job. Factor in that they've had it done at mates rates and £450 would seem reasonable - but £900 for four courses of bricks seems ridiculous. Especially as the scaffold was already up, and the roof on my side of the building had been done 20 years ago or so by the previous owner.

Thanks again.

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