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6 Aug 2009
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United Kingdom
Bathroom project coming along nicely, I've managed the project but have got a bathroom fitter in to do the actual work. The bath is fitted and surrounding area is tiled. There is a wall running along the long side of the bath and a 730 mm wall against the end so the bath has tiled walls on two sides. The 730 mm wall has the shower fitted (fed by shower pump)

All was going well until the two panel shower screen came out of it's packaging. One glass panel is about 400 mm wide, the other panel is about 600 mm wide and is hinged to the smaller panel. The 400 mm panel is fixed to the wall and in theory should be joined to the bath by one fixing point 400 mm out from the wall, at the hinge to the second panel. The bottom of this 400mm panel should then be sealed with silicone to the bath.

The problem, brethren, is the bath inside edge drops away too quickly into the bath and there is a curved surface on this radius rather than a flat top necessary for a good seal. My fitter has advised, and it makes sense, that any attempted seal here will be rubbish and leak. Also the action of opening/closing the 600 mm panel will cause the attempted seal to move due to the bending moments on the hinge.

If only the hinge between the screens went into the ceiling and that would be a lot stiffer.

So the options I'm considering are: -

1. I can look for another type of screen, that is a single panel and then it's inbuilt wiper blade should seal against the bath, I have seen some that are about 800mm wide (not as good as 1000mm twin panel in my possession and the bathroom floor will probably get wet as a result of the power shower)


2. Get a small screen (e.g. 300mm) with a curtain rail. My fitter has advised a curtain rail for best sealing. I'm not a fan of curtains, I don't find them aesthetcallly pleasing and this very fact was key to me re-designing and kicking off this whole project!

3. Some ingenious method of sealing the bottom of the existing 400 mm screen.

4. other

To make things more interesting I bought the current screen off t'internet so returning for a refund is going to be a pain in the derrier/impossible

Bath is here, note the 50 mm wide edge near the plughole end that I need to get a seal against Data Sheets/Matrix 1600 Technical Data Sheet.pdf

Any comments/discussion would be useful.

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OK, silly ideas time but it's a start.

Don't know how you intend to panel the side of the bath, but if it's up for grabe then how about this. Build a timber framed side panel at the plug/tap end which is topped by plastic trim which overlaps the top of the bath. In effect you are manufacturing the required flat section of the bathtop to suit the screen and also giving something solid to attach that 400mm panel with hinge into. other than the edge of the bath.
How is the 400mm section fixed to the bath,? a pic of the offending screen would be useful.
How is the 400mm section fixed to the bath,? a pic of the offending screen would be useful.



Like that but without the bracket at the top going into the wall. Sorry I can't find the original e-bay picture (that's where I bought it from)[/img]
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Had an interesting discussion with the fitter this morning and established what his concerns over this problem actually are.

Where the two glass panels meet and hinge the bottom of this hinge is simply fixed to the bath with a small screw. The screw purchases into the wood baton running around the underside of the rim of the bath. This screw will be subject to the bending moments and stresses that will occur whenever the large, heavy, glass panel is moved.

I am going to try and design and fabricate an additional steel support that can align with this fixing point to stiffen and strengthen it.
Are you sure the panel is design to fix to bath , never come across that design, normally have an out rigger brace or shelf fitted in the corner to brace the wall mounted panel since fixing to a bath is not normally an option.? Are you sure you don't have it upside down and hole is for a brace off the wall.
Maybe unit is incomplete?
eta: see point 2 on this instruction step

That's what you get when you buy off e-bay :confused: [/img]

Oh well, it's more advice than what exists for the backlit mirror.... will post another topic for that!

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