Circular Saw Blades

15 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
I'm looking to replace the saw blade in my circular saw. The blade in it at the moment is 190mm dia with a bore of 24mm and max speed of 5000rpm. I've searched and cannot find a blade with a 24mm bore - they seem only to come in 30mm, 20mm, 16mm and 10mm? I've even seen some that come with reducing rings to reduce the bore to 25mm - but none for 24mm. Does anyone know if its possible to get such a blade or is my circular saw useless now the blade needs replacing?
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Further to the above - i've now found somewhere online where i can buy reducing rings seperately - they do a 30mm dia reducing to 24mm bore but for blades 1.4-1.7mm thick. Does this relate to the actual thickness of the blade in the centre (which i reckon is about 1.4mm) and not the 'kerf' (which i'm assuming is the thickness of the cut?) which is 2.5mm?
You're quite right: the thickness for the reducing ring should be approximately the thickness of the blade, not the width of the kerf. The clamping nut has to hold the blade securely.
Thanks for confirming what i thought! Anyone know where i can get a reducing ring 30mm dia to 24mm bore? Found one place online - but they're 95p each (very good) but £6 + VAT postage!!! (not good!!). I'm totally against paying £6.90 for delivery of an item which is only worth 95p and is smaller than a £2 coin and could easily go in the post for 36p and would be here tomorow??
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Found one place online

Is it Lawsons, perchance?

I understand what you mean about the delivery charge. However, if you look at it from their point of view they have to cover the cost of administering your order as well as putting the item in a packet and paying for it to be posted to you. There's not enough profit margin on a 95p ring to cover all that.

You could find some other things they sell that you need and order those at the same time, so you don't feel so bad about the minimum delivery charge; or you could find a shop local to you that can sell you a reducing ring over the counter.
Yes it was Lawsons - i realise there's not much incentive for them to provide free delivery on an item costing 95p but surely they could post it rather than couriering it which would cost them 36p - they could still charge me £1, £2 whatever to cover packaging , processing but surely they can do it for under £6.90???

In any case, i've already done what you suggested, we've ordered something else they sell which was over £50 so we've got reduced delivery cost too - so all turned out OK!!
Unbelievable!!! I ordered the reducing ring from Lawsons - one of only two places i could find anywhere that sells 30mm dia 24mm bore reducing rings - and i ordered a new saw blade from elsewhere which said it comes with 30mm dia, 25mm bore reducing rings. The blade has just arrived and it comes with a 24mm reducing ring!!!!
I got a 24mm dia bore blade from B&Q.

That'd make sense - i think the saw was originally bought from B&Q. However, i find the B&Q website incredibly difficult to find things on (you put one word in the search and get hundreds of apparently random products, get more specific and it doesn't find any) so don't bother looking these days - nearest store is 15miles away so wasn't worth the trip on the off chance they'd got one. Anyway, i'm sorted now so i'm happy! :D

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