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Clueless Wonder : SandStone House / PlasterBoard insulation options

Discussion in 'Plastering and Rendering' started by NewG2015, 15 Oct 2021.

  1. NewG2015


    26 Jan 2015
    Thanks Received:
    United Kingdom

    Thanks for any advice, been going in circles for days with contradicting options

    Background :
    • 1901 end Terrace SandStone House
    • Replacing plasterboard in kitchen, 3 external walls,
    • 1 original sandstone, 2 sandstone cover in possible cement roughcast, doubt lime.
    • The walls have appeared to be studded/batoned. (used thermal imager)
    Everything in the house appears to be a cowboy job, , heating pipes in plastic conduits instead in the walls etc etc

    The plaster in the kitchen is black and mouldy in the corners esp, where units were ripped out, which suggest a lack of breathability /ventilation, internal condesation, Dehumidifiers on each level seems to reduce the internal moisture now, so things have stopped have that damp smell.

    also dont know what insulation is current behind it, but when I remove the ply from the window view, is just looked like polystyrene used for packing your amazon packages....just lobbed randomly in there

    Does anyone have the same kinda setup, do I get :

    • normal plasterboard and use sheeps wools (moisture/breathability)
    • Thermal insulated plasterboard right up to external walls ( vapour or no vapour barrier?)
    • normal plasterboard, no insulation?
    • other?
    Any suggestions \ time is appreciated.
    Last edited: 15 Oct 2021
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