29 Nov 2017
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Hi all! I'm new this is my first post. After a couple missed years I had a first service visit by BG. The engineer said he had to fail the inspection because the filler loop leaks when the valve is opened to top up the boiler pressure he said this is because the Combined Double check & isolating valve is incorrectly fitted. It passed it's installation inspection and it's been serviced by various engineers since it was fitted (10 years ago) and none said this was a problem.I think that the Filler loop cold in isn't screwed on correctly, I can see threads. But how did previous engineers manage to top up the boiler water pressure if it's wrong?

Have a look at the pic/diagram and let me know what you all think.
Ch plumbing dia.jpg
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The check valve should be on the cold water end of the loop.
The loop should also be disconnected when not in use. So in reality makes little difference.
The valve is fooked so it would leak regardless of position.
It's not a safety issue but a water bylaws infringement.
Thanks for the info Terry. I don't want my plumbing infringing local by laws so have a plumber coming round next week to sort it all out. cheers!
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And BG don't like getting in undersink cupboards;)
"And BG don't like getting in undersink cupboards"

I believe this is true because the BG eng had a new filler loop ready to fit( in an awkward spot ) and he was already was running late. So it was a good enough reason not to finish the job so he could catch up on his workload, fair enough, valid reason, flawed reasoning. Anyway the whole area is a mess so I may as well get it all sorted.
Thanks for your feedback folks.
Get that hot water washing machine valve capped. Red handle doesn't appear to be fully off, seen a couple of rather large floods caused by someone knocking the lever with something whilst jamming it in an under sink cupboard.
Washing machine hose, should the elbow end of the hose not be connected to the machine?
Perhaps get rid of the stand pipe, connect washing machine drain to sink trap
Same for condensate pipe- connect to sink trap.
Mcalpine make many traps to suit most setups
Will get the hot water valve capped. It is fully off but you're right it could easily be knocked and cause a leak.You're right about the washing hose elbow. will ask the plumber to connect WM drain to sink trap, good idea.

Condensate pipe needs to go out of the flat or so i was told by the plumber that did the work? The pipe traverses 3 meters along my kitchen wall behind my kitchen units then round a corner and out through a hole in the wall and through a vent the boiler engineer smashed with a hammer to get it on the outside wall. See pic.

Today i did a close inspection and, (see pic) the filling loop has not been screwed on properly, the arrow points to a small gap. So when the valve is opened it leaks out through the misaligned threads. It's stuck and I think the threads are broken. But i put a bucket under it, opened the inlet valve and topped up my boiler water pressure with no more than 50-100ml of leakage in the bucket, took less than 10 secs.
filling loop thread leak.jpg


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If the condensate pipe is outside then it needs to go into 32mm pipe as it leaves the property and the 20mm pipe needs to be lagged.Bob
Hi bob. You've lost me a bit there. The copper pipe below the two sink U bend traps is the pipe that goes out through the vent. It's the (emergency?) pressure release pipe I think? (not the condensate pipe, my mistake?) like you see on many buildings. This is the limit of my knowledge. The condensate pipe makes an appearance in the following under sink LHS pic I think. Please advise if you have the time. cheers.
undersink plumbing LHS.jpg
Filling loops are under a tenner complete with both valves, really boils my **** to use another posters phrase, will not , could not and cant in any way make any difference which way around the valves are, it is absolute rubbish and just another way that the big lot get away with charging you for faults
No charge cos it failed. It was an initial service inspection to see if they'd accept the contract. The CH and boiler were all checked off as passed so I've actually scored a free yearly service! :) He was in a hurray and technically correct so we both benefited in the end. I know what you mean though because before I posted I was mad as hell. There's a silver lining to everything if you look hard enough.

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