1. H

    Advice needed for terrace waterproofing

    I need advice for a solution for a totally botched job by some roofer cowboys. They said they would fix the issues with my terrace leaking by using liquid rubber. The fibreglass terrace floor was to be replaced by these guys. However instead of stripping off the previous floor and boards then...
  2. V

    Water coming in through window seals in summerhouse

    Rain is forecast for the next few days and I was wondering if there is anything I can do to try and stop it in the short term. I thought about spray sealant but that needs to be dry Because it is very windy also I cannot really lay anything against the silicone that is leaking. Are there any...
  3. jdickinson

    Shower started leaking from here mid way through showering

    Hi everyone, first post on here, looking for some advice. My triton shower started leaking from the top of the outlet. See attached image. Circled area is the outlet bit. It is leaking where this bit attaches to the black unit. Any ideas what to do. DIY is not my specialty! I don't have a pump...
  4. G

    Tarp tent over leaking garage roof.

    My flat garage roof has been leaking and lack of funds means I'm having to tarp it. I have a load of old bricks so I was thinking of loose-laying a couple of courses down the centre then putting the tarp over thus forming a tent. The idea is that the tarp will last longer as any rainwater...
  5. P

    Kitchen waste overflow connection leaking

    Hi, I have bought a new kitchen overflow and want to connect it to the waste. Plastic flexihose is inserted into the compression with rubber washer and all tightened up. But no matter what I do, it leaks at that joint when water goes down the plughole from washing up etc. The flexihose is new...
  6. P

    Can't get radiator bleed screw to seal.

    I've got an old cast iron panel radiator that I've recently had stripped and repainted. On piping up it has a weeping leak from the bleed screw at the top. Taking the screw out and cleaning up I could see the screw thread has a notch in it and the hole that it screws into also has notches in...
  7. Cactus_flower

    Fixing hot tap - combi boiler

    Hi all. Apologies if my question is obvious to some/most! I am fumbling in the dark here. Am a new home owner, and have a leaky hot tap in the upstairs bathroom. More specifically, we have a 1901 Bristan pillar bath/shower tap, and water is leaking from the spindle on the hot tap. I can't see...
  8. H

    Kitchen tap leaking

    My kitchen tap is leaking on both the cold and hot taps but more so on the hot and I’ve fallen at the first hurdle. I can’t figure out how to take it apart to see if it’s the washers. No branding other than the kitchen was bought from howdens. Can anyone advise? Pictures below. Thanks in advance.
  9. L

    "New" fibreglass shed flat roof already leaking within 3 months

    Hi Guys So I had my shed/garage roof replaced 3 months ago. The guys who did it were to put bluntly, cowboys, who mugged me off and did a half hearted job and are now nowhere to be seen. i have tried to chase them up, but no luck. messages ignored and numbers changed i presume. Anyway, i'm...
  10. J

    Triton Shower dripping when power off

    Hi, I've got a Triton Zante Shower - approx 15 yrs old and still going strong with no problems until recently I noticed that I get drips from the showerhead even when the power is off. The only way to stop the dripping is to isolate the water supply which is pretty inconvenient. Is this...
  11. D

    Leaking Stopcock

    It only leaks when I turn it on is the first relevant point. I searched google and youtube and it seems people advise putting ptfe tape round the threads. Secondly it only effects the cold water supply. Thirdly the landlord claims there's no external stopcock and whoever installed it put it so...
  12. V

    Bathroom Basin Exterior Pipe Leaking

    Hi All Helping an elderly neighbour of mine. When she uses the handwash basin in the bathroom (1st floor, back of house), quite a bit of water is leaking out from the exterior pipe that runs into a drain. I haven't been able to get onto a ladder to get a closer look, just got a few pics from...
  13. Louisep786

    Leaking auto air vent

    Hi all, I recently had a plumber out to fix my unvented indirect cylinder which keeps losing pressure. Unfortunately he didn’t fix the issue and caused a leak instead. I’ve noticed the issue seems to be the auto air vent which leaks when I re-pressurise it. I have bought the part can I just...
  14. Rachell411

    Indesit leaking

    I have an Indesit 4173 washer dryer wjich is leaking underneath. I have tipped it up unacrewed filter from body but how do i unclip drainage hose from the machine ro see if that has the leak? Or have u any otger ideas what could be how to fix? As we on lockdown n have complicated health...
  15. M

    rainwater coming from inside above the windows in the kitchen

    I bought a property in August 2018. A month ago, so far twice during heavy rain and wind, the water started to leak above the kitchen window. There is a small gap between the window and the wall and water is coming through there. I marked this with yellow on the pictures 05 and 06. At first, I...
  16. M

    Leaking toilet

    Toilet is leaking from this pipe and I’m not really sure how to fix it. Before going to a plumber I thought I’d come here to get any tips on how to fix it. Someone came to put a floor in and he moved the toilet when doing this. But since then the toilet started leaking.
  17. 1

    Hudson Reed Clio A3025 Concealed shower leaking in wall

    We moved into this house a year ago and soon discovered that there was a leak in the wall when the shower diverter is set to the wall shower head, rather than the dumper head. Through trial and error, we have discovered that the concealed shower model is a Hudson Reed Clio A3025 which has an...
  18. A

    Leaking flue on combi

    Hi, I have a Worcester green Star combi 30si. The component which I believe is the flue going outside the garage from boiler has a leak at two of the joints as you can possibly see in the attached pic. Simple question, is this a DIY'able fix or is it compulsory for this to be seen to by a...
  19. bettz1

    White Knight Tumble dryer leaking

    Hi all my partners parents have given us there old white knight tumble dryer which we've put in the garage.The only problem is there appears to be a small leak on the underneath on the right side. It's drying our clothes fine just wondered if anyone had any ideas what I should look out for if I...
  20. F

    Velux window leaking

    1. Bought a house with single story extension, only 10 degree pitch in the roof and it had tiles on it. Rain was getting in the tiles and leaking, but the windows never leaked. 2. Roofer recommended replacing with a felt roof, which has stopped the roof leaking totally, but now the velux...