Composite door multipoint lock question

6 Jan 2014
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United Kingdom

I would be so grateful for any advice from or locksmith or someone that fits front doors. I want to replace my lock on my composite multipoint door with this product: Winkhaus AV2 + Latch Deadbolt 2 Hooks Flat 16mm Faceplate Autolocking Multipoint Door Lock

I want the door hooks to engage as they are closed, but the handle will still operate the latch. So basically there is no need to lift the handle to engage the hooks.

Please find attached a picture of my current door, it's a common UK type lock with a latch and two hooks but the handle needs to be lifted to engage the hooks.

My questions are:
Would this be an easy like for like swap with the Winkhaus AV2 or would there be modifications required to the door?
Would I be able to keep the stays on the frame as they are or would they need moving?
Would I keep the current handle?




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The chances of it fitting are slim, there’s a lot of dimensions that need to match:

set back
faceplate width
distance from spindle to deadbolts
Thanks for the reply! I was more looking for information on how I’d fit it to the door. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

The AV2 has multiple options for backset, distance from the spindle to the edge of the door. It’s available in 45mm which is correct.

Anybody else have any ideas?
Sounds like you are after a 'slam lock' same as is used in doors with no handle, ( metal bars or escutcheon hamdles) except they use the key to operate the latch. They work on a pin system, so that when the pin is pushed in as it passes the lock ' keep ' plate it engages the hooks. I very much suspect you will need the matching lock 'keep'plate , as this will also line up the holes for the hooks. It is very likely that this would require drilling holes in the outer frame to get the lock 'keep ' plate to fit in the right place to engage. Replacing the actual lock , along with the 'keep 'plate is very doable ( potentially left with holes from old hook positions though ) . I am not sure about the handle though, I've never seen a slam lock with a lever/lever handle ( I'm not saying they don't exist I just don't know , being honest )
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On the AV2 the key operates the latch so the lever handles will be redundant, AV2 and 3s are used on doors with pole handles. In terms of dimensions then the gearbox could be a 35mm backset but could also be 40 or 45mm, PZ will almost certainly be 92mm, you will definitely need to replace the frame keeps and reposition them routering out new pockets which could leave existing holes exposed

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