Composite door sagging

23 May 2008
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United Kingdom
I didn't think composite doors sagged, but my front door is definitely lower on the handle side than the hinge side - the sides of the door are parallel with the frame but the top and bottom are not. Is there any fix for this? At the moment it is only just catching on the lower edge but I'm thinking it might get worse.
The door has 2 windows, half height and about a quarter of the door width each.
Thanks for any help.
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frame moved or hinges loose??

are the screws loose on the hinge or any signs of movement on the frame
I don't think it's either - the frame is square and the door sides are parallel with it. The top and bottom of the door are not parallel with the frame however. I've adjusted the top hinge inward and the bottom hinge outward as much as I can, so it does just clear the floor, but it does seem as though the door itself is not a square.
Is the door frame plumb/level??
Is the door sill/threshold level?

Either the hinge side of the sill needs to go up or the frame wants to go over slightly at the top towards the hinge side (or the bottom side handle side needs moving over)
You may get away with adjust the hinges, though not the long term solution if the frame or sill is out!!
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DH, I think you might have hit on something there. I've just checked the frame with a spirit level and the top and bottom are not level - they rise up towards the door handle side which gives the same effect as the door dropping down on that side. Since I have already adjusted the hinges as much as I can to alleviate the problem, is there anything that can be done with the frame or wouldit have to be re-installed?
How long ago was the door fitted? Was it through a reputable company? If it was they should come back and refit as long as its within the guarantee, if not you need to pack up the hinge side under the sill, not easy as you have windows/side screens attached. You might just get away with removing the screws in the door (hinge side), take any trims off, Stanley round any sealant, you then might be able to jack up the door a touch. You may also have to deglaze the side screen and release any screws that might go through that way.
Massive ball ache I'm afraid you may be lucky, I sense it may have to be refitted though.... This sounds like the work of a builder :eek: :eek:
Put some pics up
Actually it was by the most unreputable company I have ever come across, namely Woodpecker Windows. They have already been back a couple of times, just about every window and door in the place is wrong in some way (installed in 2012 I think).
Anyway, I think I can see what you're saying, trying to lift one side of the bottom sill to level it, I'll take a look at that tonight or tomorrow.
I don't quite understand the bit about removing door hinges though, from the picture can you tell if your solution is possible?
Many thanks for your help.
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No mention of removing hinges, you just need to release any screws, sealant, trims etc so you can then get a crow bar or strong chisel under the sill on the hinge side and try and jack it up till its level. Wedge some packers into the new larger gap under the sill, then reseal or run some render along if the gap is too big

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