Concrete raft for ~3 ton water tank. How?

6 Oct 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I need to build a raft to support a heat reservoir for solar thermal installation. The cylindrical tank weighs 350kg empty, capacity 2240 litres; height 2m10, diameter 1m10 (plus 20cm thickness insulation).

The tank will be sited beneath the house in the crawl space, where I have excavated down to the footing; there is 2m50 clearance between the upper surface of the footing and the ceiling.

The crawl space can be seen here:

The soil at that point (approx 1m50 below original ground level) is somewhat clayey, most probably laid down through glacial action; I don't believe it has been disturbed since, except immediately adjacent to the footing. A local engineer visited and described the soil as highly cohesive with excellent load-bearing quality. The soil is slightly damp but not moist.

I envisage the tank centred on a rectangular raft, 1m60 x 1m, with the long edge parallel to, but not in contact with, the second-most northerly wall in the image; the southernmost edge of the tank will be approximately at the dimension line marked '250'.

Ignoring the mass of the raft itself, this gives a loading of ~16kN/m^2, which I understand to be modest.

What type/mix/dimensions of base, and concrete should I use, and what form and thickness reinforcements?

How can I ensure the structure doesn't tilt?

Any advice appreciated - let me know if further diagrams/photos/data needed to clarify.

Best wishes,
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So you have to crawl underground to gain access to this vessel?

Can you draw the position of the vessel in your diagram and a wee man crawling on his way to access the vessel?
Hi Norcon,

Thank you for your response.

Access to the crawlspace is through a full height door to the rear of the garage - no need to crawl. The dotted grey line show the approximate original earth level.

Tank emplacement (not to accurate scale, but close-ish) per the image; around the tank (ie not the full depth of the garage) I've excavated as indicated by the blue line. This should allow just enough space for pipework and tank insulation.

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Tank will be passed through a hole in the wall between the garage and the crawlspace. I'll either have a lintel put in permanently, or just props for the duration.

Correction: The diameter of the tank body is 1m20; that of the support (cylindrical steel cylinder welded to the tank) is ~1m05, so raft will have to be at least that width.

Hope this is clearer now.

Best wishes,

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