Concrete slab water damage

25 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom
Discovered a leaking water pipe underneath the kitchen floor.
Had to remove kitchen units and dig up part of floor to locate it, walls behind units are damp, insurance accessor been out today agreed to cough up for walls and floor to be filled in where i dug it up and whole floor re-tiled.
Further along the kitchen the floor is now uneven.
He advised me to get the ret of the tiles up in preperation for when the company comex with the drying equipment.
On getting up the tiles with an sds chisel it sounds hollow rather than solid.
Where the uneveness was theres a crack across the floor and rhe concrete is very soft, can scrape it out with a screwdriver,by the door thereis more damage, it is very damp throughout.
Advice im after is that after drying out is it viable to repair the damaged parts or would it really need all getting up and new floor.
Insurance company im with apparantly send out money and dont use contractors , so hoping if they agree to a new floor they actually pay enough to cover cost if the job!


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Standard old concrete sub floor. Needs a grind off to remove the adhesive and a decent coat of screeding compound.
Repair repair to the deep holes.
Looks like its basically split into 3 sections


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you dont need drying eqpt, you need a slab replacement. an some work on the walls.

that concrete slab maybe was a very poor an soft mix even before the leak.
just water shouldnt do that to concrete.
the last pics show significant cracks
youve now damaged the visqueen membrane in the trenchan near the door theres no signs of a membrane.

see if you can go for a whole slab replacement with insulation an a membrane - insist on it.
your insurance arrangements sound a bit weirdo to me?

why has cu repair pipes gone back down instead of plastic?a couple of lengths off a roll ofplastic pipecould have started outside the slab an finished outside the slab
you now have a compression fittin under or in the slab an a number of sweated fittins?

i guess the cu pipes are wet pipes not gas?those pipes should not be touchin

is the damp lookin wall a chimney breast an is ther a step ther?
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The leaking pipes were under the dpm, the pipe work shown in pic is just a temporary fix so we still have water for the washing machine/sink.
The insurance surveyors have been made aware now of the cracks, if approved they will pay out for a new slab,if i get an estimate which is more than they pay out i have to send in a estimate from a builder and they will then pay for it.
The company is sheliahs wheels,they apparantly send you the money and you sort out own contactors, i prefer it this way.
Walls are going to be down to bare brick,run the pipes through ceiling an down walls, not being burried again!
Damp wall is just where the extension steps in.
Anybody recomend company in birmingham area that would dig up old floor and install new one??

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