confess, what printer have you got?



I have a canon BJC 1000. The ink is no longer made for it, so before this one runs out i will get a new printer.

Currently this one prints in B W (option for only one cartridge), i use it for junk really so no colour not a problem, but i suppose it will be useful.

I dont want an all in one scanining copying all singing all dancing printer, just one that prints, i will never use it for pics, so resolution can be really low.

so my question is, what printer have you, and what do you think of it?
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I have a HP PSC 1210 (All-in-one), it came packaged with a PC five years ago and it is still doing sound work for my pub quizzes withscanning and printing photo pages. I use compatible carts and they wqork out pretty good for what I do. It prints pictures of very good quality when I use photo paper and set it, but for the quiz pictures I just run off sheets on normal A4 paper with the settings at medium.

Found this for you to consider for what you want.

Epson Stylus at Argos for £30

Compatible cartridges seem pretty reasonably priced here:

3 x black carts £9.25
1 x three colour + 1 black £10.95
I have an HP 950C, about eight years old, chunters away dependably. I used to buy compatable carts, and use Cartridge World, but I have had seating trouble with these, so I use the pukka HP carts now, discounted at Wilkos.

After a best buy recommendation in some pc mag, my wife bought a Canon MP110 (I think) all in one. We may as well have thrown £100 down the drain. Stupidly little ink cartidges (9 cc!) so you can't tell if the printer is misbehaving or whether you have run out of ink, and the print heads dry up if it's not used regularly so it just won't print again. Rubbish.
hp g55 series all in one,think its over 6 years old now cost me a bl00dy fortune £450,havnt got any ink in it at the mo,coz they cost an arm and a leg
but it does print some good pictures,when the time comes to replace it i think ill go for an epsom.
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Canon printers are reasonably price and the ink cartridges seem to come cheapest, you may be able to buy other makes of printers really cheep but just consider the extortionate prices they ask for print cartridges, have you got a PC dealer called Novatech near you? if not go to their web site
, they sell there own cartridges for most printers and they come even cheeper.... ;)
I have an Epsom stylus Photo 895, about 5 or 6 years old, still prints extremely well.

But the cartridge costs..................... :eek:
thanks evryone, i am still unsure what to get other than dont get an all in one.

TBH i have never been a fan of copy inks or refilable ones ever since one screwed up my epson.

Bu if any one else wants to confess what they have i will only be to happy to read it
HP 1350 all in one for me. Had it for about 4 years and it chunters away nicely. I do use the scanner and copier quite a lot and it prints grand. Had a wee problem with DL envelopes - but I think it's crap envelopes I've got.

Needs two cartridges - Black and Colour and you can also get a photo quality colour cartridge if you wanted. Just got new ones from Tesco - £25 for the pair I think. And the cartridges on HP tend to be of a larger volume than most, so even though you think they're expensive, it probably works out cheaper cos there's more ink in them.
HP2355 all-in-one and a HP Deskjet 430 (but that's for A1-sized stuff). Four years old the pair and both going fine atm.

Genuine HP cartridges from, seems as good a place as any, next day delivery at no cost on orders of £30+ net. You can use the site printer search facility to make sure that you get the right cartridges (how many times have I been to PCW and got the wronguns...) and it remembers for the next time you need to order.

They also do substitute non-gen ones, but have never ordered: tried the ink and a syringe method once, made a helluva mess and the results were pants.
Epson DX7450 all in one colour/mon copier - scanner -printer - Works very well, easy controls... Cheap at sale.

Samsung - mono laser - A4 - ML1210 Bought 2002 - currently 5th yr of sprog usage close to installing 3rd cartridge - faultless mc even with the regulatory Uni 1" dust coating.... Well pleased... Another special offer.

I would probably buy a colour Samsung laser - next.

With my old, now binned, HP DJ-890c, refilling cartridges was ok, I only topped them about 60% max - covered the filling holes with 'breathable sticking plaster'... Did that help? Dunno, seemed a good idea, given instructions to not plug the filling holes... I think the partial, regular top up with fresh ink may have prevented clogging, seemed to work ok.
Canon i450, can't remember how long ago I bought it, maybe 5 years ago? Was £60 in Pi55y World. Can get compatible carts for just a few quid each and they print very good pics.

Ultimately, the most economical/hassle free printer is one that doesn't use chipped cartridges (like mine) :)
I use a laser printer, have done for years. very cheap to run, a big toner cartridge lasts a long time. sharp text, won't smudge. If you get a popular model you might see toner cartridges cheap on fleabay, especialy if it is a small office model and some firm is clearing out the stationery store

Current one is an OKI B4100. I had one before, went wrong out of warranty and they sent me a new one next day as they said the early ones had a known fault. Very happy with that.

Previous one was also an OKI, but when the drum reached end of life I got a new printer for less.

HP laser printers also see very good.

Inkjets have been very annoying and not so reliable.

Only prob with laser it is monochrome and no good for photos.
I opted for a Epson stylus D92

it has 4 separte cartdidges, no scanner function no card reader function and it prints.


it was either that, more money for something i dont want or a lexmark for £20.

I dont like lexmark.
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