Black only printer for PG545 type cartridges

3 Jun 2007
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N East
United Kingdom
Am having problems with an existing Canon printer.
This uses PG545 cartridges, which I refill myself.
I need a printer that prints in Black only (for simplicity), and uses these carts.
Would be grateful for any advice as to which (cheap, basic) printer would
be suitable for the job.
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If you want a simple reliable cheap printer, get a laser printer.
Random example for £70:

and the toner carts are these:
£16 for 2, which is about 3000 pages.
Unlike ink spraying efforts where a cartridge might do a couple of 100 pages at best, assuming it hasn't blocked, leaked, wasted 80% of the ink on a 'cleaning' cycle or failed in multiple other ways.

Forget about inkjet, they are all mess, expense and waste.
Many thanks for your reply.
I'm getting on a bit now and don't really need such an active machine.
I refill my own carts and only use black print and then only occasionally.
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