Connect Blue Ray DVD to my old tv

13 Sep 2005
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United Kingdom
I have a Blue Ray DVD player and the only output it has on it is HDMI. My oldish LCD TV does not have a HDMI port on it. It does have VGA and DVI ports on it. I bought a lead to turn HDMI into DVI, but have since found out no audio is present. I cant find a lead that turns HDMI into DVI but also has the red and white audio RCA's on it. I can find a lead that turns HDMI into VGA with the RCA's for audio on it but it also has a yellow composite. Why is the yellow composite needed when the video is connected using the VGA. Would this lead work if I left the Yellow composite plug out and just used the VGA and the red and white RCA's?
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To cut to the chase, as far as a cable only solution goes unless your Blu-ray has stereo phono outs then I'm afraid you're out of luck

HDMI is a digital signal. VGA and stereo audio are analogue signals. Just wiring one to the other won't work. There has to be a box of electronics to interpret and convert 0's and 1's in to an analogue wave.

These VGA to HDMI cables are a real red herring. AFAIK, there's a PC graphics card design that can put out HDMI compatible signal (0's & 1's) via the VGA socket. This isn't standard practice though. It's some sort of b-stardisation of the circuit to get around paying the HDMI licensing fee. The cable is only compatible with that card. Unfortunately there are loads of unscrupulous Ebay sellers only too willing to take your cash then cry "not my fault" when you realise you've bought a pup.

DVI can accept either analogue, digital or either depending on the capabilities of the circuits behind the socket. However, it only handles picture - as you have found - so the audio (in analogue format) has to come in from an extra connection. There's usually a 3.5mm jack marked PC Audio or a way to route sound in via phonos on the TV. Check your manual. If your Blu-ray player has stereo phono outputs you can hook up with HDMI-to-DVI for picture, and phono to whatever for sound.

There are other alternatives. I have some convertor boxes that will take HDMI in and give VGA + phono out, but they cost as much as a cheap BR player and I really wouldn't want to waste one on this.
Thank you very much for your detailed and informative reply. Looks like its time for a newer TV with HDMI sockets.

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Just bought myself a 50 inch Panasonic plasma for £460 tvs have really come down in price lately
Yeah, not everything in the Pana plasma range is 1080p. They do these TX-P50C3 50" sets which are 720p native for under £500. That's a lot of glass for not much money. The higher spec'd models cost more of course. The TX-P50VT30 is around £1500. Horses for courses. :)

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