Connect Salus RT500RF to Vailiant ecoTec plus 824

23 Oct 2015
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United Kingdom

I'm hoping someone can help me..........

I'm trying to wire a Salus rt500rf unit to a vailiant ecoTEC plus 824 combi boiler.

It is currently wired to a faulty Drayton Digistat SCR as per the below images.

Fused spur in to to N,L & Earth (image 1) then wired to the boiler (image 2)

Wiring diagrams for both shown, images 3,4&5

Drayton Receiver

Boiler Wiring Panel

Drayton Receiver W/D

Boiler W/D

The wiring diagram for the Salus unit is below.



Please can somebody provide some guidance for wiring the Salus receiver in.

Many thanks


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Dont mean to be offensive, but if with all those diagrams you still can not figure it out, should you be working with mains voltage wiring?

Also if you have the boiler terminals exposed, then you have removed the front cover, which forms part of the sealed boiler aspect of a room sealed boiler, so in essence potentially putting yourself in harms way
Hi, appreciate your concern, just to clarify.... I'm more than capable of working with mains electrics + the juice was isolated whilst I was investigating. I'm struggling more with the terminology on the valiant diagram.

I could replicate the current setup on my current unit, but have seen conflicting info with regards to setup, and I'd prefer to understand it fully so I know for next time.....hence why I'm here to find out.

With respect, in the time you spent writing your post, you probably could have just given me some actual help???

Still, thanks anyway

In the time you spent
Drayton Terminal 1 cable (white) goes to COM on Salus.

Drayton Terminal 3 cable (black) goes to NO on Salus.

And don't forget Live & Neutral.

(You do NOT need a wire link from Live to COM. which is shown on some diagrams. The boiler takes care of that.)
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You'll also need to make sure the sender (remote) unit can "see" the receiver as there may be some locations in your property where it can't and calls from it to the receiver will be ignored.

You might also need to change the jumper positions on the remote if other frequencies such as phone signals or wifi networks interfere with the RF signal used by the Salus... I did!
All fitted and working correctly! Thank you Jackthom & Dilalio for taking the time to offer your support. Much appreciated
You should take the loose red link wire out of the Vaillant wiring box, these can drop under the circuit board when the panel is hinged open and short it out, and they are expensive. The original installer should not have left it lying in there when he wired the controls (boiler was delivered with it across terms 3&4).

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