Connecting toilet waste pipe to sink waste pipe??? possible?

23 Jul 2004
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United Kingdom

hoping someone will be able to give me some advice.. i have a small cloakroom toilet and would like to install a small corner sink, can you someone tell me if it is somehow possible to connect the toilet waste pipe to the waste pipe i will be fitting on my sink?.. my shower room is too far away to connect a long pipe to run the waste to the other sink.. so it would need to somehow connect to the existing toilet waste.. is there any kind of connector that joins to the toilet waste and then has a smaller hole allowing you to connect a sinks waste?...

Also there is a pipe behind the toilet that allows the water to fill up the cistern.. would it be possible to connect a T shape connecter onto so that i can run the cold water for my new sink from it rather than run them from the shower room?

Is this possible or am i way out of my league?... husband works away alot so trying to do things myself.....

Many thanks
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You can buy a pan connecter which has an inlet for a sink waste on top of it.
You can tee off the toilet feed if you wish but the water will be at low pressure :D
You can do as bahco states, or if you don't want/need to change the pan connector you can fit a boss connector to the existing toilet soil stack. Boss connector is simply a plastic collar that clips/glues around the soil stack and has a smaller connector (32mm for sinks, 40mm for baths and showers) to which you can connect your sink waste (obviously you have to cut a hole in the soil stack where you are attaching the boss connector with its smaller waste connection). If the cold water feed is mains pressure, rather than from tank, then loss of pressure if filling sink and toilet at same time will not be noticeable. If it is tank fed, then you will notice it if filling both simultaneously, but if you can live with that, go for it....
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thanks for all the help..

the small toilet runs accross from my kitchen..but i dont have any hot water in my kitchen.. have not for the past 3 years.. we just boil the kettle to do dishes etc... got a new washing machine installed a few weeks ago and most of my settings dont work..when the washing machine guy came out he said it was because i have no hot water goin into my machine.. so i phoned a few plumbers last night...and they said they were to busy and that it would be like looking for a needle in hay stack trying to find where the blockage is for the hot i do get hot water in my shower room ( it has a sink that my husband uses to shave etc)... 1 of the plumbers told me to add a Y bend on the back of my washing machine and just feed in the cold tap to both... so i can use the other settings on my machine... we are used to boiling the kettle now.. so it does not bother us... ( would of been nice though to have running hot water)

so to answer your question.. i am just going to feed the cold water into both taps in the new sink im installing.. its only to wash your hands in after using toilet... if needed for anything else will just use the sink in my shower room!!!!

argggg.... my life never simple!?!!

Needle in a haystack, they say ...? How difficult can it be to find why hot water is not reaching the hot tap?

Do you have a combi boiler supplying hot water, or a hot water cylinder (in an airing cupboard, maybe.....)

My money would be on 'failed service valve'

Regards, Graham
Carolynne said:
i dont have any hot water in my kitchen.. have not for the past 3 years..

It won't cost much for a plumber to find out why you have no hot water.
For the price of a call out he could investigate why and give you a quote.
If it is something as simple as a failed service valve, it could be sorted on the spot.
Worth doing :D
would be a shame having done all thats involved in putting in a new cloakroom suite and not having hot water available to the kitchen, especially when it could be something as simple as an airlock in the first place, (although after so long it probably is now a blockage).
:oops: ... cant believe it...told my dad no plumber would come out to fix my hot water so he thought he would have a look... (he tries most things..but does not like to mess to much with the water side of things..especially as i live in a flat - there is always the worry of flooding downstairs)..anyway..he found the tap under floorboards in my kitchen(after 2hours of turning other taps and nothing happening)my flat should be a 1 bedroom but converted into everything is all over the place.. the bedroom used to be the kitchen..the kitchen used to be the bathroom... (its a joke!) ... anyway he took the tap apart..and found a washer had come off and was jammed deep inside went to the hardware store bought a washer for 12p..and now have running hot water out tap and washing machine working great.... cant believe it... 12p to fix the water after 3 years of boiling the kettle to wash dishes :cry: :oops:

Brother in law says he is going to run the hot water thru to my cloakroom so i can get hot water for my new sink....

Going to the Plumbing shop during the week to get the boss fitting so i can get the sink fitted.. brother in law is going to help me...

thanks for everything...


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