Converting Steel Gas Pipe to Copper - How?

1 Sep 2003
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United Kingdom

I wonder if anyone could help with this question. This is not something I intend to do myself, I am getting a plumber to come as I am fitting my kitchen, but don't want to get to the day and find it can't be done.

I currently have a fitted hob, but will be replacing it with a standalone cooker - I therefore, need to get a bayonet fitting fitted.

My probem is that I also have to move the fitting 2 feet to the right. Currently, however, the pipe comes down behind the dry-lining, and I have noticed it is a steel pipe, looks to be just over half inch in diameter.

For the plumber to move it, I will have to chase out around and behind the current fitting, and hpe the plumber can join onto it with copper pipe. I assume the current copper pipe for the hob goes into an adapter that converts it to steel.

I assume the steel pipe is threaded, but I can't see any kind of adapter that converts a threaded steel pipe to copper. Is anyone aware of how this would be done.

If it isn't possible, I'd rather know now and will have to get a plumber to qoute for a whole new feed.


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1/2"" bsp female x 15mm compression

if you use compression it must be acessible

Many thanks for this - I've had another look, and I think the pipe is 3/4" iron pipe.

Is there such a thing as 3/4" male to 15mm adapters? If so, any idea where I can source one, or would it be fair to guess that Britich Gas technicians would carry the gear to do this?

Thanks again

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bg tech would not be covered to do this job afterhours they are only competent during working hours also he cannot register the installation unless he holds his own reg.or is this a see no evil hear no evil job?any reasonable plumber/gas fitter would be able to carry out the task without any bother. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
Thanks guys, I appreciate your help.

No Bripl, it's not a SNEHNE job! I have got British Gas coming out next Thursday to do it. I just didn't want them to turn up and say they could not do the job, or my whole kitchen refit plans would have been ruined. I hadn't seen steel gas pipe before, and I was just concerned that the people who had built the house had done something non-standard. As an ex sparky, I kind of assumed I would have seen steel gas pipe before - ah, well, maybe I did, but the old grey matter is starting to fade....

Thanks again,

Paul :D
Tell us afterwards what you were charged!

Given the Silly Money that Transco wants these days for moving meters, I wonder if Good Ole BG is on the same Bandwagon.

IF there's an accessible threaded fitting or threaded pipe-end and you only want to extend it a couple of feet and terminate it with a cooker bayonet, it SHOULD take less than an hour with a parts cost of less than 15 quid.
Compression fittings are not allowed for connecting Gas appliances.
Compression fittings are not allowed for connecting Gas appliances.

Don't they use "compression" type fittings on a standing stove to get the fuel to the burners?

We do NOT allow compression on gas either but we do allow flair fittings after the shut off and at the appliance.

This site is amazing for learning various codes and applications
Sylvan Tieger, why are you STILL hi jacking posts?
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