Corgi Regs and location of boiler flue

MI's overule british Standards and rightly so. It;s time British Standards caught up with manufacturers, then the manufacturers who blinmdly follow British Stabdards totally unnecessarily can catch up aswell, closely followed by corgi and Agile :D :D :D
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corgiman said:
I have great respect for your knowledge and would appreciate any crictism you have.

u dont appreciate mine ?

What are these measurements all about? are they referring to fan flued or natural draught measurements? lost me.
no mate I dont

you have demostrated many many time that your knowledge is at best sketchy and fragmented, you do not follow up anything that you have posted that has been contractdicted with either and acceptance that you are wrong or proof that you are right

most of you posts seem to be agreeing with more able minded posters within this forum.

I like to have a reason and cogent arguement about issues of regulations and of good working practices, and during these arguments where I have been proved wrong the likes of agile, softus, chrishutt DP and my dad kev have had the comman decency to point out and proof that I have been mistaken.

Where as You lor just keep posting that I have given dangerous, misleading and as you said in the microbore posting, rubbish advice, and no matter how many times I have asked you to show me where I have posted such erroneous answers you have gone very quite on mored on to yet another post to pillory me.

I would have respect for your opinion if I thought it worthy of respect, but Lor believe me you are no Agile.
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corgiman said:
but Lor believe me you are no Agile.

my point is that u think u r ,but r clearly not .

i read diy to learn from those you have listed,
not to be misled by you .
you clearly cannot see my point,which is sad ,but i fell that i must speak up to prevent others being misguided.

i will try 1 last time .
unless u r 100% sure of wot you are saying is correct,please leave it to those you listed.
just gald I seem to give you a reason to log in now lor

as you dont seem to do anything else but have a pop at me

Glad to be of service :)
whats the point in talking to u in a resonable manner , u dont get it do u .
you really r so blind to reality it is un believable.
carry on making a fool out of yourself .


enough of the slanging match
Oh And Again Please can I have some examples of my posts that you consider Unsafe, dangerous, bullshitting etc?

Still quite interested Lor.

In your own time, when ever your ready :):):):)
Sorry mod

I thought I answered in a measured and reasonable tone, if I did not I apologise.

I have no interest in a slanging match

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