Correct sleeve anchor or concrete bolt for external brick wall?

20 Oct 2021
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United Kingdom

I have a double skin wall outside that was taken down and now rebuilt. I have bought a new 2m piece of timber that’s 2m long and now need to connect that to the wall as this is part of the door frame. The timber is 44mm depth

the bricks are 100mm depth and have 3 holes in the middle of brick so are not engineering bricks.

Once the timber is connected to the wall with bolts I will then hang the original solid wood garden gate that’s 6ft high and 3ft wide and weighs quite a lot.

I am looking to know what type of bolts to I’m use for securing the timber to the brick wall and ensure it’s strong enough to hold the door?

I did buy some concrete bolts however as shown in the picture I think they will be took big for the bricks so think an anchor would be more suitable? The ones in the picture are M10 120cm length.

looking at the brick I am also wondering if it’s best to drill in between the holes from the front? Or drill in from the front and then it will drill into one of the 3 holes within the brick? Thanks


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Use duopower plugs with 5x100 stainless steel screws and it will be solid.
For 2 metres, 5 of them will hold the entire house.
When drilling the hole in the face of the brick would you try to drill and head for one of the holes in the middle of brick? Or go for the price of brick between the holes as in my picture?
Looking at those plugs, I don’t think it will really matter, as they seem to expand in a void.
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Here’s the wall that the wood will need to screw into so the timber will be vertical where that yellow line is so it will be near to the end of the wall so I don’t want to over stress the bricks when tightening in the bolts. But it will be holding a solid wood door so want to make sure the setup is strong enough such as bolts or plugs etc. do you think sleeve anchor would be better?


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When drilling the hole in the face of the brick would you try to drill and head for one of the holes in the middle of brick? Or go for the price of brick between the holes as in my picture?
It doesn't matter.
4 of them will hold a gigantic weight.
I prefer shield to sleeve anchors, but maybe straight through would be better.
The gate had been in place for 18years with 3 bolts through the timber and then into the wall with bolt towards top middle and bottom. The wall was taken down and then rebuilt but the timber was rotten so I have had to get new timber but never seen the bolts that we’re in place hence trying to work out now what will be best and don’t want to touch or drill the wall until I get the right type of bolt and don’t risk crumbling the brick etc
I always use wedge anchors. I have some brass ones which are brilliant. Used with stud bar you can set them at any depth you want in a wall to get a grip and then cut the stud off to length for whatever you are fixing. I usually use 8mm.
I checked the screws that are used to secure the other side of the frame that’s going into the house and they are 6mm x 150mm. However that side of the frame is just to retain the door. The other side that I’m doing is where the weight will be and the door will be hung


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