Cost of rebuilding a brick wall

31 Dec 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of the cost to rebuild a garden wall approximately 4m long x 0.8m high, with three double brick piers (one at each end, and one in the middle) ?

I've calculated that roughly 250 bricks would be needed and have used 50p per brick as my cost estimate giving £125 for the bricks. How much would labour be on top ? I've received some fairly ridiculous quotes of around £1500 :eek: , whereas I would think £700 including materials and VAT is a more sensible I being unrealistic ?
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If three or more quotes are coming in at around £1500, then £1500 it is.

Are there foundations involved? Is the wall far from the point of delivery?

There may be factors to consider that us posters can not see.

For example, it can take a whole day just to finish a wall with say blue brick headers and a tile crease. Pillars are even fiddlier.
I agree with noseall, you say a rebuild is that because the wall has fallen over oe leaning. has it to be demolished first and the old brick removed from site...does it need a new footing.....theres more information needed.

If it is as straight forward as you say it is it is a lot of money....but as i say more info needed
Thanks for the replies, here's some extra info that should help !

The original wall had a bit of lean on it, I suspect from being built too high (5ft) for its length using the wrong type of construction (stretcher bond, single brick thickness, with square piers at each end). I thought it would need knocking down and rebuilding at some stage, but after the cold weather before christmas came home and found that it had broken from its base along the entire length and fallen over ! Luckily no-one was walking past at the time.

The wall separated my front garden from the pavement & road, so access is not a problem from a materials delivery point of view. At the rear of the wall (side facing the house) is a flower bed about 18 inches higher than ground level on the street side, retained by concrete blocks so at no time should the flower bed have put pressure on the wall.

Not being an expert I can't say whether the foundations are suspect, but on my last inspection I noticed that the bottom row of bricks on one corner had slid forward slightly, and weren't completely attached to the sub-surface row that's been left embedded at pavement level.
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Well if you gonna pay that I'd be VERY interested in having a look for you :p

Without seeing the job nobody can give you an idea of prices, may sound like a cliche but its true, we need to see whats what.

Seriously if your on the East side of London I'd be glad to have a look for you.
the foundation may need to be ripped out if that has subsided.

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